Custom Mime Types


Customize allowed uploadable file extention within a single click, upload various type of files on your website. Set role permissions and maximum upload file size in one place.


🎉 Amazing things that you can do with the plugin (absolutely FREE):

  1. Customize Mime Types
    You can edit mime types, tags, extention easily in one place. You can enable or disable uploading specific mime type withing a click or tap.

  2. 📱 Add Custom Mime Type
    No worries about mime types. Add custom mime type, custom extention for uploading file. We have a plenty of mime suggestions, you can quickly add or custom extention from one panel.

  3. 🎞 Set role permissions for mime type
    Role permissions can be set for specific file extention. You can enable/disable uploading files with a specific extention for different user role.

  4. 🔩 Customize Maximum Upload Size
    You can customize maximum upload size for users.

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