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❤️‍ Is a magic real-time and easy-to-use with beautiful UI widget. Included 195+ world currencies with popular cryptocurrencies.

📌 About

Simple and powerful real-time Currency Converter widget for your website or blog. Included 195+ world currencies with popular cryptocurrencies. Automatically update exchange rates. Multi Language support: English, Русский, Italiano, Français, Español, Deutsch, 中国, Português, 日本語, Bahasa Indonesia, हिन्दी.

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📩 Feel free, write if you will have any questions: Online support


  1. 195+ Currencies and Popular CryptoCurrencies;
  2. You can use the plugin on any page using shortcode;
  3. Does not create a load on the site, all data is processed on a third-party server;
  4. Updates automatically;
  5. Multi languages and SSL support;
  6. Responsive design.

📌 Installation

= From your WordPress dashboard =
1. Visit “Plugins > Add New”
2. Search for “Exchange Rates Widget”
3. Activate Exchange Rates Widget from your Plugins page.
4. Add widgets on page.

📌 From

  1. Download Exchange Rates Widget.
  2. Upload the “Exchange Rates Widget” directory to your “/wp-content/plugins/” directory, using your favorite method (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…).
  3. Activate Exchange Rates Widget from your Plugins page.
  4. Add widgets on page.

📌 From WordPress “Add Plugins”

  1. Download Exchange Rates Widget.
  2. Go to
  3. Press button “Upload Plugin”
  4. Choise “Exchange Rates Widget” zip archive and press button “Install Now”.
  5. Add widgets on page.

🍩 Donations

ℹ️ Official website & 💹 Source: CurrencyRate
❓ Feel free, write if you will have any questions: Online support
💵 Fiat money: in-English | по-русски
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  • screanshot-1.jpg – Widget settings
  • screanshot-2.jpg – Gray theme
  • screanshot-3.jpg – Red theme
  • screanshot-4.jpg – Yellow theme
  • screanshot-5.jpg – Blue theme
  • screanshot-6.jpg – Dark blue theme
  • screanshot-7.jpg – Green theme


How to install a widget on an arbitrary page?

  1. You can generate a shortcode manual
    [currency_converter_calculator lg=”ru” tz=”0″ fm=”EUR” to=”USD” st=”info” bg=”FFFFFF” lr=”1″ rd=”0″][/currency_converter_calculator]
    lg=”ru” – languages, use: en, ru, it, fr, es, de, cn, pt, ja, id, hi
    tz=”0″ – timezone
    fm=”EUR” – currency code from (list of currency codes:
    to=”USD” – currency code to (list of currency codes:
    st=”info” – theme (color scheme) primary, info, danger, warning, gray, success (used bootstrap3 color classes)
    bg=”FFFFFF” – background color of iframe, if you use param: rd = “0”
    lr=”1″ – large widget
    rd=”0″ – 1 – straight corners, 0 – rounded corners
  2. You can generate a shortcode automatic
    a. Go to page;
    b. Add widget “Currency Converter Calculator”;
    c. Select options, click save;
    d. Copy shortcode from textarea.
  3. Languages
    en – English
    ru – Русский
    it – Italiano
    fr – Français
    es – Español
    de – Deutsch
    cn – 中国
    pt – Português
    ja – 日本語
    id – Bahasa Indonesia
    hi – हिन्दी


2020 年 10 月 28 日 1 則留言
One of the effective plugins to do your work perfectly… Authors are also responsive, if you need support… Appreciate the work they’ve done..!
2018 年 10 月 7 日 3 則留言
everthing was good unless html output language can not be changed, even if you edit php files. the plugin will be more useful and reach more user if output language can change by the site admin. because this reason i have to uninstall it 🙁
2018 年 8 月 31 日 2 則留言
Imo, this is the most visually pleasing of the free currency calculators available. I was originally confused when the code didn’t change, but then found out it doesn’t generate code until you hit the save button. I don’t care for the plus sign in the lower left corner that links to a currency converter website.
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  • Fixed security bugs
  • Minor bug fixed


  • Add Binance coin
  • Minor bug fixed


  • Minor bug fixed
  • Add accessibility


  • Important fixed
  • Minor fix


  • Minor bug fixed


  • Add new languages: Português, 日本語, Bahasa Indonesia, हिन्दी


  • Minor bug fixed


  • Fix bug (generated shortcode $params with empty value)


  • First release