Crossword Compiler Puzzles


Simple upload of interactive puzzles exported by Crossword Compiler, or conversion of puzzles already posted to the website.


  • A finished puzzle in your page
  • Select the Crosssword block to insert a puzzle
  • Select files (exported by Crossword Compiler) or URL to upload from
  • Preview the puzzle


Install the plugin as normal, and activate it. Then when you make a post or page, click the crossword icon in the visual editor
to insert a puzzle (in WordPress 5 and higher, insert a crossword block). You can chose either to import a html and js file exported by Crossword Compiler (version 9+), or import the
puzzle from a page that already exists on

By default the applet files are served from a web service. To put the applet files on your server use the version of the
plugin from
Subsequent automatic updates will continue to use the latest version of the applet files after you have used this once.


How do I make the puzzles?

You need to use the Crossword Compiler program, available from It includes a licence to use
exported puzzles on one web site.


2021 年 9 月 16 日
We have this on our site and have used it for 5+ years. It has worked consistently within our Posts in the magazine and readers value the Save funtion because they can do the crossword in multiple sessions. When we email for support we have always received courteous and helpful responses and the issues have been resolved. These comments remain true, even though our Wordpress version 5.8.1 has not officially been tested with Crossword Compiler.
2018 年 5 月 4 日
There is no real admin the addon. While we love the software and use it for our little newspaper we HATE the fact that they want to charge you $1000 to remove the link to their website.
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= 4.2
* Auto-size word searches to fit space if needed

= 4.1
* Compatibility updates

= 4.0
* Preview of puzzle in Edit
* Crossword Compiler 11 ready
* Latest WordPress support


  • Fix for WordPress 5.3


  • Fix for WordPress 5.1


  • Fix for old php versions and other plugin compatibility


  • Support for crossword block in WordPress 5 with Gutenberg blocks. Compatibility fixes.


  • Fixes for latest WordPress/Php changes


  • Tested on 4.9.1
  • Updated some links to https


  • Tested 4.2.2


  • Stable version


  • Fix for WordPress 3.9 dialog