Critical net fraud prevention Plugin

外掛說明 fraud prevention Plugin

A service against fraud in e-commerce

  • Innovative technology for fraud prevention
  • Personalized customer service in English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Designed for small and medium eCommerce companies

What do we do for your online store?

We provide a set of services and solutions for the detection and prevention of fraud that protects your virtual store from any suspicious or fraudulent transaction, based on data automation. makes your online store safer for you and your customers.

How does online fraud protection really work?

Our system is based on processes to automatically identify fraudulent activities.

We provide multiple profile authentication tools so that you can verify the identity of customers who enter your store or virtual business.

We compensate for this with our databases where we gather blacklists, whitelists, local buyers and global buyers.

At the same time, we carry out anti-fraud risk management that provides the best solution according to your business strategy, to maximize results through advanced automatic processes and algorithms.

How to start?

01. Choose the best plan for your needs
Depending on the size of your virtual store, you can choose between 5 different plans. Choose the one that best suits your business from

Don’t worry: you can change plans later.

02. Create an account and log in
Creating an account is very simple: all you have to do is create an account at Remember that you can only subscribe to one plan within the same account.

03. Install the plug-in or extension has native extensions for WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, and soon Magento. Install the plug-in in your default browser in a few minutes.

04. Enable the license and insure your business
Give the permissions to make your business more secure. While you focus your efforts on selling more. After installing plugin just go to CNFP Settings and input licence key to active the plugin.

We will take care of the security!

Need any help?

You can write us at Contact Page. And we will get back to you shortly for your queries.
You can find Terms of use and Privacy policy here.
For more info please visit

Thanks, Team.


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