Crelly Slider


Crelly Slider is a Free / Open Source responsive WordPress slider that supports layers. You can add Texts, Images, YouTube/Vimeo videos using a powerful Drag & Drop Builder and animate each of them. It is perfect to display your creative content in posts and pages.

Official WebSite (with live demo)

User Friendly Admin Panel

Crelly Slider does not require any Coding Knowledge. With the simple admin panel you will be able to create the sliders in the easiest way. Upload images with the default WordPress interface or choose colors using the picker.

High Cross Browser Compatibility

Most of the animations and the transitions are written in jQuery (using the “animate” function). In this way we can assure the compatibility with modern (even Android and iOs) and older browsers.

Drag and Drop Builder

How can you position all the elements in to the slider area? You just simply drag them in to the desired position. Like in Powerpoint, you just have to move the object around the Slide.

Transitions & Animations

Foreach element and slide you can choose an in animation and an out animation using a simple selection menu. You can set the transition speeds and how long the element will take to get in and out.

Completely Responsive

Responsive means that the Slider will be displayed correctly in every resolution that the user will use. If the display is small (like in a smartphone), the slides and the elements will be scaled to be adapted.

Full & Fixed Width Modes

Using Crelly Slider you can select between a fixed or a full-width layout (both of them can be responsive). You are the designer, you own the WebSite, just choose the best for it.


  • An example of a slide you can create
  • Unlimited sliders
  • Slider settings
  • Slides and elements options (in this case, a text element)


這個外掛提供 1 個可供 Gutenberg/區塊編輯器使用的區塊。

  • Crelly Slider


Download this plugin directly from your WordPress Admin Page.

Click Install.

Click Activate.

You can find the documentation here.


2022 年 10 月 31 日
I installed it in WP 6.0.3 and it doesn’t work, it can’t be seen, although I see that it is in the code.
2020 年 8 月 15 日
I can say better than many premium plugins. We couldn’t fix a conflict issue with the theme I am using (Astra Pro) but I still keep using it and can recommend it.
2020 年 5 月 21 日 1 則留言
I used it for one of my customer website which result in giving premium quality lightweight layer slider. I request to keep it free or opensource. I have not faced any issue. Simple interface.
2020 年 2 月 20 日 1 則留言
Outstanding free slider. Many thanks and please continue to maintain.
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以下人員參與了開源軟體〈Crelly Slider〉的開發相關工作。


〈Crelly Slider〉外掛目前已有 6 個本地化語言版本。 感謝全部譯者為這個外掛做出的貢獻。

將〈Crelly Slider〉外掛本地化為台灣繁體中文版


任何人均可瀏覽程式碼、查看 SVN 存放庫,或透過 RSS 訂閱開發記錄



  • Fixed security issue.
  • Fixed PHP warning.


  • Changed icon in admin sidebar to match WP 5.8 style.


  • Fixed JavaScript fatal error in WordPress 5.6.
  • Removed deprecated JavaScript code.


  • Fixed compatibility issue with WordPress 5.5 due to the use of a deprecated jQuery function.


  • Push required version of WordPress to 4.6.


  • Fixed Gutenberg editor block failing to load.


  • Added support for Gutenberg: sliders can now be inserted in a page or a post via the WordPress visual editor, no need to use shortcodes anymore (but it will still be supported).
  • Fixed slider option “Start from slide” displaying only “Random slide”, as reported here.
  • Fixed an issue where it was displayed an unsuccessful error message when saving slides with no elements, despite the operation being successful.


  • Fixed PHP warning “Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated” as reported here


  • Fixed PHP warning “Cannot modify header information – headers already sent” as reported here


  • Security patch
  • Improved import/export slider functions. They should now be compatible with web hosting services that block file_get_contents
  • Minor changes and bux fixes


  • French translation moved to Polyglots. If you want to contribute to translate Crelly Slider in your language, check out this page
  • Fixed error with old PHP versions


  • Fixed responsiveness on small devices
  • Spanish, Serbian and Slovak translations moved to Polyglots. If you want to contribute to translate Crelly Slider in your language, check out this page


  • Fixed slide link not working


  • Fixed syntax error in old php versions


  • New feature: sliders can be scheduled (you can specify from when and how long they should be displayed for)
  • When a video is manually paused by the user, it won’t resume automatically at the next slides loop
  • For developers: TinyMCE settings are now hookable (credits to dlaxar
  • For developers: sliders can be imported via code
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes


  • Bug fix: align left/center/right buttons not working


  • Bug fix: fixed incompatibility with WordPress 4.8


  • Bug fix: if the user setting “Disable the visual editor when writing” was enabled, there were JavaScript errors
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes


  • New feature: texts can be edited with the default WordPress editor (TinyMCE)
  • New feature: the order of the slides can be set to “random”
  • New feature: you can select the first slide that will be displayed
  • New feature: slides can be marked as “draft”
  • New feature: Crelly Slider is now compatible with WP Offload S3
  • Improvement: the YouTube and the Vimeo APIs won’t be loaded unless there is a video in the slider
  • Bug fix: when a text element was selected and then modified, the black box around it wasn’t correctly adapted to fit the new dimensions
  • Bug fix: when a slide was cloned, it was impossible to change its background color and to move its elements, unless by refreshing the page
  • Bug fix: improved compatibility for some web hosting providers that restricted the import/export functions
  • Bug fix: when you added a really large image element, the element options were covered by the image
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes


  • Bug fix: security issues
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes


  • Bug fix: sometimes, the slider got stuck at loading screen


  • Awesome community: the slider is now translated in 8 different languages! Thank you!
    Spanish (Eduardo Aranda),
    Russian (Andrey Dymskiy),
    Slovak (Oliver Juhas),
    Serbian (Branislav Pakic),
    French (sLy kereven),
    German (Andreas Dolinar, Jan Adams)
  • New feature: Duplicate sliders and slides
  • New feature: Import/Export sliders
  • New feature: Support for YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • New feature: The slides can be linked (the entire background is a link)
  • New feature: New preloader: when loading, the background is no more grey. Now the first slide background image is automatically blurred and used as background for the preloader. When the slider is loaded, the blurred background will fade away and the first slide will be displayed
  • New feature: Navigation and controls are much better looking now
  • New feature: Added public methods to control the slider. pause(), resume(), nextSlide(), previousSlide(), changeSlide(slide_index), getCurrentSlide(), getTotalSlides()
  • New feature: Slides background color can now be set manually
  • New feature: Custom CSS classes can now be added to elements
  • New feature: Added “Center vertically” and “Center horizontally” buttons to align elements
  • New feature: The slides background image can now be quickly set as “responsive full width image” or “pattern”
  • Bug fix: Sometimes slides and elements weren’t saved correctly
  • Bug fix: Text elements were displayed on two lines when an inline tag was added
  • Bug fix: When automatic slide was set to “no”, the out animations were still performed
  • Bug fix: When the backend interface was loading there were some graphical glitches
  • Bug fix: Background position wasn’t correct on Firefox
  • Minor change: Texts have now a default line height, color and font. In this way, I can be sure that they are displayed exactly in the same way in the backend and in the frontend
  • Minor change: dropped support for IE < 11
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes



  • Fixed: padding broken in IE8
  • Fixed: background images with a long name weren’t stored correctly into the database


  • Changed: by default, elements out animations start before the slide out animation. In this way, they result more visible, therefore better than before. The option is customizable for each element
  • Added: support for touch, swipe and drag
  • Improved progress bar animation: now has a cool swing effect
  • The current editing slide tab is now highlighted
  • Fixed: before preloader, for about a second, the slider was displayed as an unordered list
  • Fixed: now if you specify the opacity in custom CSS, that value won’t be overwritten
  • Changed: by default, line-height is now 1.5. Please, if you want to change it, specify a pure number to avoid compatibility issues
  • Fixed: blue border around linked images in IE
  • The text / HTML of a text element is now wrapped in a textarea (no more in an input)
  • Fixed: apostrophes in text elements are now displayed correctly
  • Removed useless file from the package.
  • Removed afterSlideEnd(), afterSetResponsive(), afterPause(). They were useless
  • Other minor bug fixes and changes


  • Fixed “Error saving elements” if there are no elements


  • Added the possibility to insert links in images and texts
  • Added slider preloader (with a gif image)
  • Added icon in the style of WordPress to the lateral sidebar in the admin panel
  • Added confirm alert when you delete a slider
  • Fixed: now HTML codes inserted in text elements are working properly
  • Fixed: when you selected an element into the editing area weren’t shown the correct element options
  • Fixed invisible progress bar in Internet Explorer 8
  • Fixed invisible slider navigation in Internet Explorer 8
  • Changed: text output is now wrapped by a “div” and not a “p” for a better compatibility and a cleaner code
  • Changed name to the “add image” button in the element options
  • Other minor bug fixes and changes


  • Added callback functions: beforeStart, beforeSetResponsive, afterSetResponsive, beforeSlideStart, afterSlideEnd, beforePause, afterPause, beforeResume
  • Fixed responsive methods that restarted the slide in particular moments uselessly


  • Fixed “Add image” not working on Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Fixed “Duplicate element” on animations


  • Fixed directory error


  • Initial release