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The #1 video chat plugin, heavily used 1-stop-shop solution for Sales teams, consultants and coaches that want to increase conversion.
Boosts video-calls, Screen sharing, appointment scheduling, micro-CRM, payment transfer, in-app chat, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and more…

What you’ll get?

The #1 video chat plugin, heavily used 1-stop-shop solution for Sales teams, Consultants and Coaches that want to increase conversion.
Consolto turns your website into a virtual office in minutes and enables: Video-calls, screen sharing, micro-CRM, scheduling appointments, payment transfer, text-messaging and chat, whatsapp, Facebook messenger, site analytics and more…

  • Familiar with the feeling that you send your customers your skype account and they get confused and mixed up? Or a Zoom link that expires?
  • Do you pay too much for marketing and find it hard to convert visitors in your website to customers?
  • Did you find it hard to connect Zoom, Calendly, Intercom and Zapier all together?
  • Do you find it hard to collect money from your clients for online sessions?
  • Are you frustrated that people visit your website and leave no trace?
  • Would you like to provide online-video-call sessions to your clients in a professional manner?
  • Were you looking for a tool to share your screen with site-visitors easily from within your website?
  • Are you looking for a multi-agent video chat solution for your website?

** If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re at the right place. **

Major features in Consolto Video Chat Widget include:

  • Video chat directly from within your website. Niether your customers nor you will need to install anything.
  • Advanced Appointment Scheduling enables your site visitors schedule meetings with you in a simple manner. You can send them invitations as well!
  • ** Unique ** Multi-agent teams provide many 1×1 sessions remotely. Excellent for teams of sales-agents, therapists, diatitians, coaches…
  • Comprehensive, real-time text chat, saved for your future needs.
  • Share your screen or view your clients screen as simple as clicking a button
  • Group meetings – add more people to the conversation. Get faster results!
  • Social messaging: whatsapp and facebook messanger embedded in your website.
  • Voice mail – let customers leave voice messages directly from within your website!
  • Call recordings to keep track and be on top of the conversations.
  • Actively start engagement via chat/videochat/audio with people in your website. We made an extra effort for this to be as acceptable as possible by your site-visitors.
  • Inbox: your site visitors will send you messages that will reach your email
  • Receive email, SMS and site notifications upon new chats and webcalls
  • Highly configurable widget!
  • Supports 12 languages: English, Italian, Hebrew, Russian, French, Portugues, Japanese, German, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish

Give it a try. It’s a 2-minute installation
Best installation instructions can be found here: LINK

Conceptual demo:

Release notes – June 4th-2024

New Features:
🔹 💳 Pay-per-booking: Charge customers when they book meetings with you. Charge, book, meet!
🔹 🎉 Send emails from Consolto directly!
🔹 🌐 Set available-hours and modify based on timezone!
🔹 📣 Flexible meeting duration letting you set the meeting length as you like.

Release notes – April 7th-2024

New Features:
🔹 📣 Group video meetings with up to 24 attendees (vs. 6 before)
🔹 🎉 Improved user-interface across all devices and screen-sizes.
🔹 💬 Improved Group-chat for group meetings!
🔹 🌐 Custom-buttom on website triggers – improved!

Release notes – January 10th-2024

New Feature:
🔹 📣 Video-style widget for increased website conversions and a warm welcome!
🔹 💬 Improved audio/video in calls with noise-reduction.
🔹 🌐 SMTP emails improvement for full-white labeling towards customers.

Release notes – November 19th-2023

New Feature:
🔹 💳 Stripe Integration: Receive payments seamlessly during any chat or video call!
🔹 💬 New backoffice Look&Feel
🔹 🌐 Custom Branding: Each agent and every brand can now personalize with multiple widgets and skins.
🔹 🔗 CNAME for ClickNTalk: Personalize your URLs in our CNAME Beta release.
🔹 📋 Leads Tab: All your contacts, neatly organized.
🔹 🔒 Share private data securely within your team.

Release notes – June 4th-2023

🔹 🎉 New Feature: Group Rooms – Launch of unique spaces for hosting pre-scheduled meetings with customers and agents.
🔹 💬 New Feature: Group Chat – Introduction of real-time chat feature on the website for dynamic customer interactions. All group chats that happen during calls are saved for future reference.
🔹 💌 Upgrade: Improved Emails – Emails have been redesigned for better readability and interaction.
🔹 📱 Fix: Auto-Zoom on iOS – Resolved the auto-zoom issue on iOS for a smoother and more comfortable user experience.

Release notes – April 16th-2023

📣 Exciting news! We’ve launched Group Scheduling! 🥳🗓️
Now, Consolto takes care of ALL your appointment needs:
🔹 Customers can book time slots 🕑
🔹 Send invitations from your backoffice 💌
🔹 Manage your schedule in the Appointment Center 📅
🔹 Sync with your Google Calendar 📆, and you’re good to go! 🚀
🔹 Enjoy group capabilities 👥
🔹 Experience seamless Consolto video chat 📹
Plus, email reminders 📧 will ensure you and your customers never miss a meeting!

Read more about our group capabilities here

Release notes – March-12th-2023

  • Added background blur and back-image during video calls. Be there, from everywhere.
  • Added group appointment scheduling.
  • Added direct action links from appointment scheduling emails (easy beazy to accept a meeting)
  • We are now HIPAA compliant
  • Improved call-recordings page – send call-recordings to your customers in a branded manner
  • Frontend agent-status API – deep integration with your website.

Release notes – December-25th-2022

  • Entirely new Appointment-scheduling user experience.

Release notes – November-3rd-2022

  • Group video conferencing added
  • Improved conferencing design including gallery mode, voice widget and more

Release notes – September-21st-2022

  • New mobile app update with fixed bugs and improved flows:
  • Improved security.
  • Improved notification emails.
  • Fixed chat embedded iframe bug.

Release notes – August-1st-2022

  • SMTP email branding letting you send reminder emails from your domain.
  • Customer-side language selector.
  • Ability to control widget popup on mobile devices.
  • New searchable dropdowns including timezone picker.
  • Improvements to the dynamic-forms.
  • Smaller js bundle size take-1. Soon an even smaller size.

Important notes:

  • The Consolto Plugin relies on as a means to provide all the above features. This practically means that all plugin content is served by (from within your website).
  • You are more than invited to join us in and learn more.
  • Terms of Use:
  • Privacy policy:


  • Clear and Simple one-click video chat straight out of your website.
  • What is Consolto?
  • Chat widget and a simple chat center that helps you keep track of your video and text conversations.
  • Appointment scheduling widget and clear appointment center to help you be on top of meetings.
  • Clear video, multi-participant. Designed to win!


*** Best installation instructions can be found here: LINK

  1. Register at Best installation instructions can be found here: LINK. You’ll get a script that is assigned only to you in the Widget Center tab. Don’t worry, it never expires.
  2. Upload the plugin to your blog/website.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. Go to the “Consolto Plugin” in your wordpress menu.
  5. Paste your script from step #1.
  6. Save Changes.

You’re done!


I’ve installed the plugin but cannot see anything on my website

  1. Check that you’ve installed Consolto by the plugin ONLY (and have not copy-pasted the script such that there are practically two installations)
  2. In case you use a caching technology, make sure the site is refreshed.
  3. Make sure the Consolto widget is turned “ON” on the Consolto dashboard (should be green in the top menu)
  4. In case there is a firewall installed, make sure the Consolto Plugin is whitelisted.

Does this plugin work on any wordpress website


What technology does Consolto use?

Consolto uses WebRTC to pass video-calls and audio. WebRTC is known today as the most secured video-chat protocol on the web. In fact, Google is the main supporter of the protocol.

Does this plugin enable multi-agent teams to deliver services from a single website?

Yes. Multi-agents are enabled in our enterprise plan!

Does Consolto have an affiliate / partner program?

We’re starting to roll out such a plan. To apply, please go to: Partners Link LINK


2024 年 2 月 21 日
Consolto is easy to use and has greatly improved the efficiency of my communication as it eliminates the need to constantly email back and forth or use a separate file-sharing platform. It’s all in one place, making it much more convenient and organized. I highly recommend this communication tool to anyone looking for an easy to use and efficient way to stay connected and offer support in a modern way!
2024 年 2 月 10 日
Consolto is easily a 5-star app! I needed a HIPAA-compliant, secure, and confidential communication platform for online meetings. Consolto provides that in a beautiful, easy-to-use-widget. Since Consolto is HIPAA-Compliant, I feel safe knowing that it handles data in a way that protects me and my clients. It’s installed quickly and easily. Pretty much everything can be customized, from text to color scheme and more. The back office interface is easy to navigate and provides lots of useful information. I’ve held both video and text chats using Consolto and found them convenient for myself and my potential and existing clients. Honestly, my only complaint with Consolto is that I can’t find any way to turn the notification sound volume up and down; as far as I can tell, it can only be turned on and off. I’ve had a couple interactions with customer service and found them extremely friendly and very helpful. Kudos to the Consolto team for prioritizing good customer service! My experience with this software has been excellent all-around. Truly a 5-star application!
2024 年 1 月 8 日
Consolto has emerged as a highly effective and user-friendly tool for enhancing customer communication and engagement. My extensive experience with various software, accumulating since 2020, has set a high bar, yet Consolto easily meets and surpasses these expectations. From the outset, installing Consolto was remarkably straightforward. Even with my website running on Joomla CMS and utilizing a custom page builder, integrating Consolto was effortless. The process was so seamless that it had me up and running with the basic chat feature in a matter of minutes. The live chat functionality of Consolto is nothing short of awesome. It offers a smooth and intuitive interface that makes customer interactions both effortless and efficient. Additionally, the video quality during calls is exceptional, ensuring clear and professional communication with clients. Consolto’s customer support is a highlight, providing rapid and knowledgeable assistance. This stellar support, coupled with the company’s longstanding track record, assures reliability and quality service. The ease of setup and the robustness of the platform are testaments to the company’s commitment to user experience. Exploring the platform’s features, I found the dashboard to be intuitive and comprehensive. Customizing my company profile and communication links was straightforward, and the various calls and messaging features integrated seamlessly. The customization options are particularly noteworthy, allowing for a tailored experience that meets specific business needs. In conclusion, Consolto stands out as an exceptional tool for any business looking to elevate their customer communication. Its combination of user-friendly installation, impressive live chat and video quality, and excellent customer support make it a top recommendation for enhancing customer engagement and streamlining communication processes.
2023 年 3 月 20 日 2 則留言
We need get a paid account on their website to use this plugin. Not FREE
2023 年 2 月 1 日
Hello Team,I want to achieve the following workflow: 1: When a user selects a coach and pay x amount, a meeting link should be generated automatically for that scheduled time.2: At one time, is it possible to create multiple links? for eg: there are 5 different sessions scheduled at 12:00pm. Is it possible to generate 5 different sessions IDs for 12:00pm with each coach/student pair along with integrating calenders?3: By including this plugin on the wordpress directly, is there any drawback for the performance?Thanks
2022 年 2 月 23 日
Consolto’s focus is on video chat. I believe that more and more people want to talk with a real person, not just to type with them. This is not just for customer support, but for sales especially. With Consolto, customers can chat directly from your website without having to enter an ID or password. This makes it easy for them to start a video chat and catch your attention.
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