Connect Nuki Smartlock


By connecting your Nuki Smartlocks to your WordPress admin, you\’ll be able to schedule an autolock between 2 hours.
A Dashboard Widget allow you to quickly see your Smartlocks state (battery level, lock state and more soon) . It will allow you to create pincode in one click if a Nuki Keypad is paired with your Smartlock.

WooCommerce Bookings Addons

A WooCommerce Bookings addons is available. It will allow you to create & send to the Nuki Keypad a pin code each time a booking order is completed on your WordPress + WooCommerce website.
Available at Nuki Smartlock for WordPress.


  • Settings
  • Dashboard Widget


How to connect my Smartlock ?

You need to get an API token to
Official doc to get it:–api-tokens

Is it possible to connect several smartlock ?

Yes, from version 0.5.0, Connect Your Nuki Smartlock will list all Nuki Smartlock connected to your NukiWeb account

Does this plugin developed by Nuki ?

No, I’m an independent WordPress developer, owning a Nuki Smartlock 3.0 Pro.

I’ve an idea to improve this plugin.

Great! share your idea at our Ideas page

How to contribute to this plugin?

If you’re a developer, you can send pull request to Github
If you’re Polyglot, you can help translating this plugin at Translate Plugins
You can also just sponsors my work at GH Sponsor




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1.1.2 — 20th January 2023

  • Remove development only files from release
  • Fix a typo in settings page title.
  • Perf. Prevent calling the Nuki APi before having an API Key set.

1.1.1 — 18th January 2023

  • Improve license management for premium plugins
  • Generate a link in the BO to unlock
  • Fix the pincode sending to keypad method.

1.1.0 — 28 december 2022

  • Maintenance fix to work with Nuki for WooCommerce anf the Yith Booking integration.

1.0.1 — 07 december 2022

  • Correct link to delete generated pin code

1.0.0 — 19 october 2022

  • add style to API Key error msg
  • first stable version.

0.5.5 — 11 october 2022

  • Fix notices.
  • Correct hours selectors.

0.5.4 — 09 october 2022

  • Fix notices.
  • correct wrong 0.5.3 svn fucking deployment.

0.5.1//0.5.2 — 07 october 2022

  • Fix a fatale + Warning & notice if no or wrong APIKey filled in settings.

0.5.0 — 07 october 2022

  • Allow to link how much smartlock you have on your backoffice.
  • The Dashboard widget is now showing all smartlock you may have connected.

0.4.0 — 02 october 2022

  • Allow to lock/unlock from the Widget Dashboard
  • add PHPUnit tests for robustness

0.3.1 — 01 october 2022

  • Hide the pincode generation if no keypad paired
  • fix some typo

0.3.0 — 30 september 2022

  • Add a dashboard widget with vitals + Codepin generation
  • Add PHPCS/WPCS corrections

0.2.2 — 10 September 2022

  • Improve i18n
  • Correct settings name

0.2.1 — 10 September 2022

  • Correct textdomain

0.2.0 — 07 September 2022

  • Add support for Bookings (Needs Pro add-on)

0.1.0 — 25 August 2022

  • Initial version
  • allow to schedule a time period where the smartlock must be locked.
  • The plugin automatically lock the smartlock if it\’s unlocked in this period.