CompressWP – optimize and compress JPEG and PNG images


This plugin helps make your website load much faster by reducing your image sizes up to 90%, while still keeping the same lossless quality. A significantly faster loading website will improve your SEO rankings and provide a much better experience to your customers.


  • Free to use with no file size limit
  • Lossless compression – optimize images without losing quality
  • Compress single existing individual images
  • One-click bulk optimize your whole existing media library
  • Automatically optimize new images on upload
  • Also optimizes all thumbnail sizes
  • One API key can be used on multiple sites
  • Fast compression servers located in Europe & USA
  • Compatible with WPML and WooCommerce
  • Total savings counter (statistics page)

How does it work?

When you begin the optimization process, your images and their thumbnails are automatically sent to CompressWP’s compression servers. Your images are then analyzed and compressed in the servers, while still keeping the same lossless quality. When the images have been successfully compressed, they will be sent back to your website and replaced with the original image, which in result will use less disk space, load much faster and your visitors won’t see a difference.

How to get started?

Download and install the plugin. If necessary, follow the installation guide to set up your licence and configure the plugin.

You can either optimize individual images by clicking the “Optimize” button next to the image (it will automatically optimize the main image including the thumbnails). However, if you wish to automatically optimize all your images at once, you can click on the big green button “Bulk optimize all images” and start the process there.

Contact us

If you have any questions, problems or would like to provide feedback, feel free to send us an email at

Additional information

Note that this plugin relies on CompressWP’s API service (which is free) to compress your images. Please make sure that you have read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before using our services.


  • In the main page you can see all your images and manually start optimization process for individual images. You can also configure the plugin and set the licence key.
  • In the bulk optimization page you can initiate the automatic optimization process for your whole existing media library.


Use the following steps to install CompressWP on your WordPress website:

  1. Download and install the plugin
  2. Generate a free licence key from our website
  3. Open the plugin settings page in WordPress (named “CompressWP” in the menu) and enter the licence key
  4. Done!


Q: What kind of images can be compressed?

A: Right now our plugin supports compression of JPG and PNG files. These are the most popular file formats used, although we plan on supporting more formats in the future.

Q: Do I need a licence to use this plugin?

A: Yes, you will need to generate a licence key (which is free, of course). You can enter the licence key in WordPress plugin settings page.

Q: Are there any limits to using this plugin?

A: Right now there are no limits to the file size and amount of images compressed. However, we do have a fair-usage policy and might temporarily reject compressions in case of heavy usage for a long period.

Q: Can I optimize all my images at once?

A: Yes! After you have installed the plugin, navigate to “CompressWP” and click on the big green button “Bulk optimize all images” and you can start the automatic process there.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: If you have any questions, problems or would like to provide feedback, feel free to send us an email at


2021 年 8 月 31 日 1 則留言
The plugin does absolutely nothing until you enter the registration key. You ask for the key by leaving your email and get nothing in response. I think, they are just collecting emails for their own purposes.
2020 年 12 月 8 日
Spend ages looking for a plugin that lets me manually select and compress images at the click of a button. Really useful plugin thank you 🙂
2020 年 11 月 20 日
We have used this on all websites we have made and it has been working very well!
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  • Initial version


  • Plugin updated to support WordPress 5.6 and minor optimization changes


  • Plugin updated to support WordPress 5.7 and minor optimization changes