CognativeX – The Best AI tool for Audience Growth & Engagement| Personalise your content experience


Download CognativeX and start personalising your content experience for your users.

CognativeX is a content personalisation and native monetisation platform working with premium websites. We help you increase your audience growth, engagement, retention, and loyalty of online readers while creating the opportunity to monetise their attention through native content advertising.

Because of our superior personalisation, on average our clients have:
• Increased the average session duration by 30%
• Increased the average number of pages per session by 20%
• and reduced the bounce rate by up to 50%!!
• along with an increase in advertising revenues!

Get started now and find out how Artificial Intelligence can grow your audience engagement and revenues!

To join please install and activate our plugin, this will perform an auto-onboarding process, where a publisher is created for you, and widgets that can be used to explore the benefits of CognativeX Engine

Get started in 4 easy steps:
1. Install the CognativeX Plugin
2. Activate Plugin
3. Place widgets where you want them to appear

It’s that easy, now you’re personalising your content experience for your users!


  1. Create a publisher account for you to use
  2. Add the Tracker, metadata, and widget header scripts automatically to all published pages
  3. Enable the addition of the CognativeX block for widget rendering (Supported From WordPress 5.8 and up)

NOTE: For installations still running 5.7 or less, the Widget script needs to be added as HTML. Check the Installation section for more details

More Information

Over 140 billion page views recorded and 30 million user preferences created, CognativeX is revolutionising the way publishers view and engage with their online audiences.

CognativeX offers a suite of tools to increase revenues and audience engagement. Powered by data and AI, we enable organisations to efficiently and sustainably create real-time hyper-personalised consumer experiences and long-term data-driven strategies.

Some of our clients who have seen our impact first-hand include:
and many other premium websites in the region.

With a strong focus on audience engagement, content, and revenue, CognativeX has become the leading AI partner for media companies.

We look forward to starting a fruitful partnership!

For further information please check our website at


  • Setting up the plugin
  • Adding the CognativeX Widget to all pages in the footer
  • Configuring the CognativeX Widget with the ID provided by CognativeX


這個外掛提供 1 個可供 Gutenberg/區塊編輯器使用的區塊。

  • CognativeX Widget CognativeX Widget


Installing CognativeX WordPress plugin and integrating with our platform is a simple task. follow the below steps and you are up and running

  • Go to Plugins and Press Add new
  • Search for “CognativeX”
  • Press Install and then press Activate (This will automatically create a publisher that you can benefit from)
  • To check or modify the settings please navigate to Settings > cognativex
  • Add the widget block to your pages as per the screenshots
  • Enjoy the power of AI and personalization

For older WordPress versions that are 5.7 or less

you will need to add following block to render the widget :

<div id="cognativex-widget-{widget_id_sent_by_cognativex}" > </div>

You can also contact and a representative from our sales team will reach out and help with onboarding your website.




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  • 1.0 :
    • Plugin Creation
  • 1.1 :
    • Enhanced Scripts and performace
  • 2.0 :
    • Include auto-onboarding feature