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Clinic Software® is a full suite of tools in cloud based created to help Clinics, Doctors, Nurses, Spas, Salons to Grow Sales, Save Time & Get Organized. Looking for a CRM Software alternative? Ten steps ahead. Make running your business Smarter, Better, Faster. Instantly. Clinic Software®.com is a fully-comprehensive SaaS (Software as a Service) in cloud based created to help companies and appointment-based businesses of any industry and size such as Clinics, Spas and Salons with tools that helps to Grow Sales, Save Time & Get Organized. It is also The Most Comprehensive Software (100+ Tools) according to our customers success stories. 98% of customers recommend Make running your business Smarter, Better, Faster. Instantly.


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  1. Download our zip or install directly from WordPress plugins.
  2. Activate plugin and go to plugin Settings page.
  3. Complete the credentials you can find in CRM – Admin – Api Clients.
  4. Configure your fields on the Fields page.

Your connection and more info you can find on Status page.

Works with Contact Form 7 plugin.


2022 年 4 月 21 日
Hi all, Thanks for using the plugin. This review is for the hard workers team and its developers. This was created to help more businesses and users of the Clinic Software CRM. We would love to know your feedback about this plugin so we would have the chance to improve it and make it better. Best Regards,
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  • Fix minor bug, update testing with WordPress 6.5.5


  • Fix minor bug, update API sending data conditions


  • Fix minor bug, tested with version 6.2.2. of WordPress


  • Fix minor bug on error logging and reporting


  • Fix minor bug on API connection status


  • Added Mapping page and FAQ page
  • Added marketing list name functionality


  • Added API connection and leads integration to sync Contact Form 7 forms to