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This helps to write changes log for any digital products, projects releases. Any kind of change log likes bug fix, new, improvement etc can be noted easily.

CBX Changelog by Codeboxr

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If you think any necessary feature is missing contact with us, we will add in new release. Best way to check the feature is, install the free core version in any dev site and explore

🛄 Core Plugin Features

  • All release or single release change log can be embed in any post using easy shortcode.
  • Release note or single change log input field supports markdown syntax as much as possible
  • Show/hide label & date (From v1.0.6)
  • 7 type issue label added (Added, Fixed, Updated, Improved, Removed, Deprecated & Compatibility) (From v1.0.6)
  • Beautiful frontend design, which supports all default WordPress themes & Hello Elementor theme (From v1.0.6)
  • Two display layouts

🀄 Widgets

  • Classic Widget (From v1.0.6)
  • Elementor support (From v1.0.6)
  • WPBackery(VC) Support (From v1.0.6)

🧮 Shortcodes

  • Shortcode Format: [cbxchangelog id="post id"] or [cbxchangelog id="post id" release="release number"]

💎 CBX Changelog Pro Features

👉 Get the pro addon

  • Post types support (built in or custom)
  • Custom Tab for woocommerce as Change log in frontend
  • Auto integration support for any post type(appends change logs at end of any post type enabled)
  • Two extra display layouts



這個外掛提供 1 個可供 Gutenberg/區塊編輯器使用的區塊。

  • CBX Changelog


🔩 Installation

  1. [WordPress has clear documentation about how to install a plugin].(https://codex.wordpress.org/Managing_Plugins)
  2. After install activate the plugin “CBX Changelog” through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. You’ll now see a menu called “CBX Changelog” in left menu, start from there, check the setting menu of CBX Changelog then create a new Changelog
  4. Use shortcode or widget as you need.
  5. If need try our pro addon for extra features


2023 年 7 月 12 日 1 則留言
CBX Changelog is a game-changer when it comes to managing change logs for digital products and project releases. With its user-friendly interface, customizable options, and effortless management capabilities, it offers a streamlined solution for keeping your users informed about the latest updates. Whether you are a developer, a business owner, or a content creator, CBX Changelog is a must-have plugin for maintaining clear and organized change logs.
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  • [Improvements] Gutenberg block render fixed
  • [Updated] Pro addon new version released


  • [Improvements] Setting panel radio and checkbox style improved
  • [Improvements] Minor improvements and bug fixes.


  • [Improvements] New setting field for “Append change logs” in ‘General Setting’ tab
  • [Bug] Technical flaw fixed to set version number based on if debug mode enabled or not.
  • [NEW] Dashboard style improved
  • [NEW] Added woocommerce like template system for different views which can be overrode using plugin and theme


  • [Improvements] Now single page slug customizable and markdown support updated.
  • [NEW] Pro Addon updated.
  • [Bug Fixed] Changelog Edit show/close issue solved


  • [Improvements] Date display format now can be changed using filter ‘cbxchangelog_release_date_format’
  • [NEW] Pro Addon updated


  • [Improvements] Checked compatibility with wordpress 5.8.3
  • [Bug Fixed] Setting js loading issue solved
  • [NEW] Pro Addon updated


  • [Improvements] Checked compatibility with wordpress 5.8
  • [NEW] Added new feature in shortcode for order, order by
  • [NEW] Added new feature in elementor widget for order, order by
  • [NEW] Added new feature in vc widget for order, order by
  • [Improvements] Other minor improvements


  • [New] Added a new ‘url’ field for each release and shortcode param updated


  • [Improvements] Branding css load improvement


  • [Improvements] CSS, JS loading improvement
  • [Improvements] Restrict to delete the only feature of any release


  • [Improvements] Shortcode integration hook improved
  • [Updated] Documentation update
  • [New] SCSS files added for all css


  • [Improvements] All free and pro layouts are polished more for responsive and meaningful class names


  • [New] Show/hide meta field added for label & date
  • [New] 7 type issue label added
  • [New] Classic widget
  • [New] Elementor widget
  • [New] WPBakery widget
  • [Improvement] Backend Style improved
  • [Improvement] Frontend Style improved
  • [Improvement] WP 5.4.0 compatibility checked
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.


  • [Improvement] WP 5.3.2 compatibility checked


  • [New] Details changelog page like any page so that it works without shortcode
  • [New] All css, js and img are put in assets folder for admin and public
  • [Improvement] Minor improvement and regular bug fix


  • [New] Setting page
  • [New] Pro feature supported addon releaes
  • [Improvement] Minor improvement
  • [New] Translation Template(pot) file added


  • Initial release