Cheetah for WordPress


Cheetah for WordPress is an intuitive page builder based on Builderall’s Cheetah Builder. You can now create impressive and responsive pages with drag and drop functionality.
Create your own header and footer, pop ups, and take advantage of our numerous elements and unique integrations with Builderall apps.

Realtime Editing

See the changes in real time as you edit your pages! No need to reload or publish anything.

Complete Customization

You have at your disposal several features to make your website even more professional, such as box and text shadows, animations, gradients, slideshow backgrounds and much more!

Build landing pages

With Cheetah for WordPress, you can choose whether you want to control edit only content area or the entire page. Use Cheetah Canvas mode to build landing pages with no limitations on the margins, sizes, sidebar areas, headers and footers imposed by the theme.

Responsiveness is a priority

There are several settings where you can set individual values ​​for desktop, tablet and mobile including text size, margins, spacing and border sizes for example.
In addition, you can configure a row, column or element to be visible only on specific devices.
Simple, responsive, practical!


  • Drag’n drop technology
  • Row and column based operation
  • Responsive page building
  • Inline text editing
  • More than 25 elements to build your website!
  • Undo and Redo feature
  • Landing pages creation
  • Global or page-specific Javascript and custom CSS
  • Utilize WordPress widgets or third-party widgets within the builder
  • WordPress shortcodes
  • Customize page margins and background
  • Animations
  • And much more!


  • Button – Extremely customizable, allows you to add a title, caption, icon. Have fun creating buttons with gradient backgrounds and with various possibilities in the hover event;
  • Title – Give a title to sections of your website and choose the HTML Tag;
  • HTML – Insert HTML codes on the page;
  • Separator – Horizontal line separating elements on the page. You can also add an icon or text;
  • List – List of items with text, icon and link. You can also set a separator line for each item;
  • Text – WYSIWYG text editor;
  • Audio – Add audio from media library or a URL;
  • Gallery – Image gallery with grid or mosaic display option;
  • Icon – Select from more than 2000 icons available;
  • Image – Add images from your media library, from a URL, or use images you already have in your Cheetah Builder media repository with one click!
  • Slideshow – Rotating image carousel;
  • Social Icons – Icons for your social networks;
  • Timer – Countdown timer that works based on a deadline or a pre-set amount of time. Create an even greater sense of urgency by enabling the Cookies option;
  • Video – Include a video from the media library or embedded YouTube/Vimeo;
  • Accordion – Expandable content list. Can be used for FAQs and content organization;
  • Card – Content container for image, title, subtitle, content and button. It has several applications, such as resource list and call to actions;
  • Menu – Design the WordPress and mobile menus;
  • Price table – Practical planning presentation display;
  • Tabs – Create vertical or horizontal tabs;
  • Testimonials – Create a carousel or a grid of testimonies. You can customize everything!
  • Posts – This element displays a loop of posts or pages on cards
  • Map – Show your customers how they can find you. Accepts coordinates and place names. Can be displayed with map or satellite

Builderall Elements

Cheetah for WordPress is part of a family of many applications created and maintained by one of the most complete digital marketing companies in the world.
You can do a lot more using Builderall’s apps on your WordPress site!
Integrate the plugin with your Builderall account and unlock various elements:

  • Booking – Display your calendars created in Builderall Booking tool;
  • Mailingboss – Mailingboss list subscription forms on your website;
  • Supercheckout – Display and sell products created with Supercheckout
  • Video Hosting – Use your videos hosted on Builderall;
  • Webinar – Embed your Webinars;
  • Cheetah Builder Media Repository – Use the same images from Cheetah Builder anywhere you can insert an image.

If you’re not a Builderall customer yet, explore our universe of possibilities and see what we can do for you! Visit our website and learn more.



  • Editor main area
  • Menu and Canvas mode
  • Tablet editing
  • Mobile editing
  • Templates gallery
  • Activating Canvas Mode


  1. Navigate to Plugins > Add New
  2. Click Upload plugin and upload or search for “Cheetah for WordPress”
  3. Install and activate the plugin


2021 年 11 月 2 日
I have used Visual Composer, elementor and Gutenberg, and this page builder is the best! simple and visual, very fast to build pages. I hope support in the future for other widgets like the visual composer ones to have more option but right know what it offers its very good
2021 年 8 月 20 日
We strive to make the working experience with this editor smooth, whether you are a WordPress or Builderall user. Easy, responsive and complete... even more in conjunction with WordPress PRO
2021 年 7 月 2 日
I'm suspicious to say but... The builder is very intuitive and easy to use and besides, it has great features like the option to customize header, footer and popups.
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Cheetah for WordPress 外掛目前已有 2 個本地化語言版本。 感謝全部譯者為這個外掛做出的貢獻。

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  • New: Map element
  • Improvement in the accordion element: option to expand first item and stay open/close others when someone is open
  • Improvement in the posts element: select which fields show to post/pages(date, hour, author comments and category) and product (category and price).
  • Improvement in the price table: added ribon option
  • Improvement: added rem, vh and % units at iframe height


  • Improvement: popup and video action on button, image and card elements
  • Improvements in the price table: container gradient, text editor in features list, icon position and size, spacing between prices and resources
  • Improvements in the List element: text editor and change position icons
  • Release of resources for free users
  • Bug: fixed action URL for Mailingboss 5.0 forms


  • Improvement: display WooCommerce product price in Posts element
  • Improvement: alphabetical order of the row categories
  • Improvement: increased the limit of features of the price table
  • Improvement: allows to edit the slug of the user templates
  • Improvement: added way to display site debug information for support cases
  • Bug: posts element button text does not update
  • Bug: listing themes instead of WooCommerce products


  • Improvement: alignment and RTL in the price table features
  • Improvement: allow to show only one group in all Bookings
  • Improvement: removed limitation on the number of popups displayed in the selection
  • Bug: Mailingboss hidden fields were not being hidden after publishing
  • Bug: Was not loading elements styles that are inside the popup


  • New: Posts element
  • Improvement: usability of the font selector
  • Improvement: font weight and italic font in inline text
  • Improvement: increased the limit of downloaded themes
  • Improvement: alpha and removal of colors from the hamburger menu
  • Bug: WordPress widgets are not working


  • New: Supercheckout element
  • Bug: minor fixes on conflicts with themes


  • Improvement: display tour step number
  • Improvement: line categories dropdown
  • Improvement: alphabetical order in elements search
  • Improvement: setting number of columns for Mailingboss form
  • Improvement: feedback when token becomes invalid
  • Bug: display of premium templates with unlinked account


  • Improved listing of templates
  • Improved compatibility with php 5.6 and 7.0
  • Improvement: Popup action when clicking an image
  • Improvement: Button to reload menus, calendars, mailingboss lists, video hostings and webinars without reloading the editor


  • Improvement: color picker with default color palette
  • Improvement: ordering of elements in the sidebar
  • Improvement: templates fetch optimization
  • Improvement: popup size setting per popup
  • General layout improvements
  • Bug: fixed gradient background preview on shape


  • New: Canvas mode and Default mode
  • New: global background and margin settings
  • New: page background and margin settings
  • New: tour
  • New: spacing element
  • New: iframe element
  • Improvement: organization of page settings
  • Improvement: photo placeholder
  • Improvement: color picker layout
  • Improvement: templates preview and versioning
  • Improvement: refactoring in the template cache method
  • Bug: fixed inline editor
  • Bug: style conflicts with Twenty Twenty-One
  • Bug: fixed background preview
  • Plugin Screenshots


  • Bug Fixes


  • Cover photo and icon


  • Initial release.