Bubble Chat


Keep your customers connected to your business at all times with our WordPress plugin! Our plugin adds a floating WhatsApp bubble to your website, allowing visitors to send text messages directly through the app. This is perfect for facilitating communication and providing a quick and easy way to get in touch with your business! Plus, our plugin is easy to install and configure, so you’ll be in touch with your customers in no time. Don’t miss out on any more connection opportunities with our WhatsApp plugin!

Add a bubble chat so your users can contact you directly faster and more efficiently.
With WA Bubble you won’t have to worry about those long and complicated installations since it is very easy to use. Bubble Chat does not install unnecessary things for you, it is a simple plugin that covers your need to stay connected with your users.


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Go to the plugins section
Search or upload the Bubble Chat plugin
Activate and Ready


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3.1 2023-11-11

*Added options to define the distance of the sides and bottom for the mobile version.
*Dropdown bugs fixed
*The bug that did not show 0 in the timetable was fixed.

3.0 2023-03-08

*Added Display conditions for pages and WooCommerce.

2.0.1 2023-01-19

*Fix- z-index field that was not saving its value.

2.0.0 2023-01-06

  • Added automatic opening of the chat. You can choose the opening delay and how many times per session it will open automatically.
    *Added space to enter the name of the agent and appear in the chat.
    *Added a field to select if you want to show the time the user clicked or opened the bubble and it is shown in the chat.
    *Added a field to adjust the z-index of the bubble.
    *The design of the user panel was updated.

1.4.0 2023-01-03

*New functionalities were added such as: Agent name and agent image.
*A new design was created.
*Fix – Javascript data.

1.2.0 2023-01-03

*Select morph or pulse effect
*Select gap distance from bottom and sides
*Fix – Changes were not applied.