Brenger for WooCommerce


The Brenger for WooCommerce plugin helps you to ship your WooCommerce orders easily with Brenger without having to leave your WooCommerce admin.
It adds 2 actions to each order detail page to create a shipment for the order at Brenger and it automatically tracks the status of a transport in your WooCommerce admin via the orders page and the newly added Transports page.

Main features:

  • Quickly create a standard shipment at Brenger
  • Customize the shipment details before sending the order to Brenger, including dimensions
  • Automatically receive updates on the status of the transport and assigned driver


Does the plugin automatically calculate the shipping costs and display this in the checkout to the customer?

No, the plugin does not interfere with the checkout process at all. The plugin’s primary function is to easily create a shipment at Brenger from an order in your
WooCommerce store.

Do I need to add dimensions to each product?

To create a shipment at Brenger you need to provide dimensions (L x W x H) for each product. If this is not available for a product, an error will be displayed.
If the package dimensions differ from the product dimensions you can also indicate this in separate Brenger dimensions field for each product/variation.

How do I get an API key?

Please login to your Brenger dashboard and find the key under ‘Settings/Instellingen’




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