Better Post Formats


Better Post Formats is a free WordPress plugin that will allow you to use proper featured content instead of static featured images. Your website or blog will have content just as any premium WordPress theme.

You will be able to use:

  • Any WordPress supported oEmbed site content for your audio post formats
  • Any WordPress supported oEmbed site content for your video post formats
  • Slider with multiple images for your gallery post formats
  • Real links for link post formats
  • Real quotations with author reference for your quote post formats

List of global options in the WordPress Customizer that will allow you to fine tune plugins appearance:

  • Location, choose where you want to use plugin on the frontend of your website
  • Content width on lists, set plugin content width on lists
  • Content width on singles, set plugin content width on singles
  • Skin, choose plugin content skin. Light skin goes well with dark content while dark skin goes well with light content

You can check out Better Post Formats plugin in action here.

Need help? Have feature request? Visit support thread.

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  • Audio post format meta boxes
  • Video post format meta boxes
  • Gallery post format meta boxes
  • Link post format meta boxes
  • Quote post format meta boxes
  • Better Post Format options in WordPress Customizer
  • Post format icons in Dashboard


Install the Better Post Formats plugin as any other WordPress plugin. More info can be found in official WordPress step by step guide here.


Should I use Gutenberg or Classic editor?

Short answer – you can use both. Better Post Formats plugin works with both Gutenberg or Classic editor.

My current theme does not support post formats, can I use Better Post Formats plugin?

Yes of course, even if your theme does not support post formats, Better Post Formats plugin will add support for audio, video, gallery, link and quote post formats.

I have set featured content, can I switch theme?

Yes of course, plugin does not depend on themes, data related to plugin content is saved in database independently.

I have set featured content, but I can not see it on my website?

Please try to switch to any default WordPress theme (TwentyX). If content appears on your website, most likely your previous theme does not use get_the_post_thumbnail WordPress function for featured image display.




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1.0.1 (23. September 2021)

  • Added Twenty Twenty-One theme compatibility
  • Fixed warning when options from customizer don’t exist in database
  • Code maintenance

1.0.0 (5. December 2019)

  • Initial release