BE Subpages Widget


This widget will dynamically list a section’s subpages. When on a page, it will find the section’s top level page and list its children.

It can also include the current page’s subpages in listing.

You can customize the listing with the following filters:
be_subpages_widget_args – modifies the arguments passed to wp_list_pages
be_subpages_widget_display_override – determine when the widget is displayed
be_subpages_widget_override_post – change the current post
be_subpages_widget_parents – customize the hierarchy used in querying subpages
be_subpages_widget_title – customize the widget title
be_subpages_page_title – customize the page title
be_subpages_widget_class – customize the classes applied to pages


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2016 年 9 月 3 日
Prefect plugin. I was using a custom-coded shortcode to do this, but was having trouble getting the children/grandchildren page lists to appear outside of the parent list's li element. The default in this plugin to not nest subpages is perfect for the style I need to set up. Thanks!
2016 年 9 月 3 日
Simple and elegant, but important, features to have. WordPress should have this widget, exactly as this dev has done. Well-done plugin. It does exactly what is needed: provide nav within a section, between 2nd and 3rd, on down, level pages from the parent page. Option for the entire menu for the section to display on each page of the section. - The menu displays on all section pages, not just pages with child pages. (I do not know why I had to try so many widget menus to find that.) The results look great. Seamless. It looks exactly like part of the theme. Consistent and reliable. I have used it on a couple of sites so far. Thank you for your hard work to provide us with this plugin! If you rate 5 stars and use a plugin long-term, be sure to donate.
2016 年 9 月 3 日
It is simple and it works. I might end up using it on all websites that have many sub-menu pages.
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  • Allow $post to be filtered


  • Update widget to use PHP5 constructor


  • Add filter for changing section parents
  • Add unique class to menu items, menu-item-{id}
  • Add hook for adding links to end of subpages listing


  • Update widget formatting in backend
  • Subpage titles are filterable


  • Support for all hierarchical post types
  • Only output HTML for classes if there are classes
  • Only output subpages ul if there are subpages
  • Allow second level subpages to be nested in li
  • Czech translation


  • Add class for first menu item
  • Add filter for widget classes
  • Add filter for widget title
  • Sort by menu order
  • Add a depth parameter to the args filter


  • Allow deeper menu (current page’s subpages)
  • French Translation
  • Add ‘widget_subpages_current_page’ class to current menu item
  • Add be_subpages_page_title filter
  • Thanks to Cedric Houbart of SCIL for this set of changes


  • Release of plugin