WordPress Infinite Scroll – Ajax Load More


Ajax Load More is the ultimate WordPress infinite scroll plugin for lazy loading posts, single posts, pages, comments and more with Ajax powered queries.

Build complex custom WordPress queries with the Ajax Load More shortcode builder then add the generated shortcode to your page via the content editor or directly into your template files.

Ajax Load More is compatible for endless scrolling with popular eCommerce plugins such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

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  • Shortcode Builder – Create your own custom Ajax Load More shortcode by adjusting the various WordPress query parameters in our easy-to-use shortcode builder (see Shortcode Parameters).
  • Query Parameters – Ajax Load More allows you to query WordPress by many different content types. Query by Post Type, Post Format, Date, Category, Tags, Custom Taxonomies, Search Term, Authors and more!
  • Repeater Templates – Edit and extend the functionality of Ajax Load More by creating your own repeater template to match the look and feel of your website (see screenshots).
  • Multiple Instances – You can include multiple instances of Ajax Load More on a single page, post or template.
  • Ajax Filtering – The Ajax Load More custom filtering method will allow you to filter and update your Ajax query results.
  • Multisite Compatibility – Manage repeater templates across all sites in your network.
  • Setting Panel – Customize your version of Ajax Load More by updating various plugin settings.

Check out the demo site for more information!

What’s New 4.0

  • Pro – Access to all premium add-ons in a single installation.
  • Filters – The Filters add-on provides front-end and admin functionality for building and managing Ajax filters.
  • User Query – Query and display a list of WordPress users by role using a WP_User_Query and Ajax Load More.
  • Advanced Custom Fields – Compatibility and integration added for infinite scrolling Flexible Content, Gallery, Relationship and Repeater fields for Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Masonry – Built-in support and functionality for Masonry layouts.
  • Progress Bars – Display a Progress Bar load indicator with each Ajax request.
  • Scroll Container – Constraining infinite scroll to a parent container.


Ajax Load More can infinite scroll any content type WordPress offers – from blog posts to multipage content to WooCommerce products – Ajax Load More can handle it all.

Check out the examples below:

*Add-on required

Shortcode Parameters

Ajax Load More accepts a number of parameters that are passed to the WordPress query. These parameters are transferred via shortcode – don’t worry, creating a custom shortcode is easy with the intuitive Shortcode Builder

  • repeater – Choose a repeater template (Add-on available). Default = ‘default’
  • post_type – Comma separated list of post types. Default = ‘post’
  • sticky_posts – Preserve sticky post ordering in Ajax listing. Default = false
  • post_format – Query by post format. Default = null
  • category – A comma separated list of categories to include by slug. Default = null
  • category__and – A comma separated list of categories to include by ID. Default = null
  • category__not_in – A comma separated list of categories to exclude by ID. Default = null
  • tag – A comma separated list of tags to include by slug. Default = null
  • tag__and – A comma separated list of tags to include by ID. Default = null
  • tag__not_in – A comma separated list of tags to exclude by ID. Default = null
  • taxonomy – Query by custom taxonomy name. Default = null
  • taxonomy_terms – Comma separated list of custom taxonomy terms(slug). Default = null
  • taxonomy_operator – Operator to compare Taxonomy Terms against (IN/NOT IN). Default = ‘IN’
  • taxonomy_relation – The logical relationship between each taxonomy when there is more than one. (AND/OR). Default = ‘AND’
  • day – Day of the week. Default = null
  • month – Month of the year. Default = null
  • year – Year of post. Default = null
  • taxonomy_operator – Operator to compare Taxonomy Terms against (IN/NOT IN). Default = ‘IN’
  • meta_key – Custom field key(name). Default = null
  • meta_value – Custom field value. Default = null
  • meta_compare – Operator to compare meta_key and meta_value against. Default = ‘IN’
  • meta_type – Custom field type. Default = ‘CHAR’
  • meta_relation – Used with multiple custom field entries (AND/OR). Default = ‘AND’
  • author – Comma separated list of authors by id. Default = null
  • post__in – Comma separated list of post ID’s to include in query. Default = null
  • post__not_in – Comma separated list of post ID’s to exclude from query. Default = null
  • search – Query search term (‘s’). Default = null
  • custom_args – A semicolon separated list of value:pair arguments. e.g. tag_slug__and:design,development; event_display:upcoming. Default = null
  • post_status – Select status of the post. Default = ‘publish’
  • order – Display posts in ASC(ascending) or DESC(descending) order. Default = ‘DESC’
  • orderby – Order posts by date, title, name, menu order, author, post ID or comment count. Default = ‘date’
  • offset – Offset the initial query (number). Default = ’0′
  • posts_per_page – Number of posts to load with each Ajax request. Default = ’5′
  • scroll – Load more posts as the user scrolls the page (true/false). Default = ‘true’
  • scroll_distance – The distance from the bottom of the screen to trigger the loading of posts while scrolling. Default = ‘150’
  • scroll_container – Constrain Ajax Load More infinite scrolling to a parent container. Default = null
  • max_pages – Maximum number of pages to load while user is scrolling (activated on when scroll = true). Default = ‘0’
  • pause_override – Allow scrolling to override the Pause parameter and trigger the loading of posts on scroll. Default = null
  • pause – Do not load posts until user clicks the Load More button (true/false). Default = ‘false’
  • transition – Choose a posts reveal transition (fade/masonry/none). Default = ‘fade’
  • transition_container – Display the Ajax Load More (.alm-reveal) loading container. Default = ‘true’
  • transition_container_classes – Add classes to the .alm-reveal transition div.
  • masonry_selector – The target classname of each masonry item. Default = null
  • masonry_animation – Select a loading transition type for Masonry items. (default/zoom-out/slide-up/slide-down/none). Default = default
  • masonry_horizontalorder – Maintain horizontal order. Default = true
  • images_loaded – Wait for all images to load before displaying ajax loaded content (true/false). Default = ‘false’
  • destroy_after – Remove ajax load more functionality after ‘n’ number of pages have been loaded. Default = null
  • progress_bar – Display progress bar indicator at the top of the window while loading Ajax content. Default = ‘false’
  • progress_bar_color – Enter the hex color of the progress bar. Default = ‘ed7070’
  • button_label – The label text for Load More button. Default = ‘Older Posts’
  • button_loading_label – Update the text of the Load More button while content is loading. Default = null
  • container_type – Override the global Container Type that was set on ALM Settings page. Default = null
  • css_classes – Add custom CSS classes to the Ajax Load More container. Default = null
  • id – A unique ID for the Ajax Load More instance.
  • nested – Is this a nested Ajax Load More instance. Default = false

→ See All Parameters

Example Ajax Load More Shortcode

[ajax_load_more post_type="post, portfolio" repeater="default" posts_per_page="5" transition="fade" button_label="Older Posts"]

Example Demos

  • Default – Out of the box functionality and styling.
  • Advanced Custom Fields – Infinite scroll Advanced Custom Fields data with Ajax Load More.
  • Attachments – Endless scroll post attachments.
  • Destroy After – Remove Ajax Load More functionality after ‘n’ number of pages.
  • Event Listing – Ordering and listing events by custom field date.
  • Filtering – Reset and filter an Ajax Load More instance.
  • Flexbox – Creating a responsive Ajax Load More grid with Flexbox.
  • Infinite Scroll – A look at the new loading functionality and styles.
  • Images Loaded – Download images before displaying ajax loaded content.
  • Masonry – Creating a flexible grid layout with Masonry JS.
  • Multiple Instances – Include multiple Ajax Load More’ on a single page.
  • Paging URLs – Generate unique paging URLs for every Ajax Load More query with the SEO add-on.
  • Pause Loading – Posts will not load until initiated by the user.
  • Preloaded Posts – Easily preload an initial set of posts before completing any Ajax requests to the server.
  • Progress Bar – Display a progress bar load indicator with each Ajax request.
  • Search Results – Returning results based on search terms.
  • Scroll Container – Constrain Ajax Load More to a parent container.
  • SEO & Paging – Combine these two add-ons to create one powerful navigation system.
  • Slideshow Gallery – Create a gallery of posts with Ajax Load More and the Paging add-on.
  • Table Layout – Ajax Load More will display query results in a table format.

→ See All Examples

The Custom Repeater Add-On has been installed for use on each of our product demos.


The following add-ons are available to increase the functionality of Ajax Load More.

  • Cache: Improve website performance by caching the results of Ajax server requests.
  • Call to Actions: Extend Ajax Load More with advertisement and call to action content blocks.
  • Comments: Load and display WordPress blog comments using the core Ajax Load More infinite scroll functionality.
  • Custom Repeaters: Create, modify and delete repeater templates as you need them with absolutely zero restrictions.
  • Filters: Front-end and admin functionality for creating, managing and displaying Ajax Load More filters.
  • Layouts: Predefined responsive layouts for Ajax Load More repeater templates.
  • Next Page: Infinite scroll multipage WordPress content with Ajax Load More and the Next Page add-on.
  • Paging: Replace the default lazy load/infinite scroll functionality of Ajax Load More with a numbered navigation system.
  • Preloaded: Load an initial set of posts before sending any Ajax requests to your server.
  • SEO: Generate unique paging URLs with each Ajax Load More query.
  • Single Post: Enable infinite scrolling of single posts on your WordPress post templates.
  • Theme Repeaters: Manage Ajax Load More repeater templates from within your current theme directory.
  • Users: Lazy loading WordPress Users with Ajax Load More.


The following extensions are available to provide compatibility with popular WordPress plugins and core features.

  • Advanced Custom Fields: Display field type data with Ajax Load More.
  • Relevanssi: Display Relevanssi search results with Ajax Load More.
  • REST API: Enable compatibility with the WordPress REST API.
  • SearchWP: Display SearchWP query results with Ajax Load More.

Callback Functions

The following functions are available to be dispatched by Ajax Load More.

Complete – The almComplete() function is triggered after every successful ajax call made by Ajax Load More.

$.fn.almComplete = function(alm){
    // Your on complete code goes here

Destroyed – The almDestroyed() function is dispatched after the destroy_after shortcode parameter is triggered.

$.fn.almDestroyed = function(alm){
    console.log('"Ajax Load More functionality has been destroyed!');

Done – The almDone() function is triggered after all posts have been loaded.

$.fn.almDone = function(alm){
    console.log('All posts have been loaded!');

Empty – The almEmpty() function is triggered if there are zero results returned in the initial query.

$.fn.almEmpty = function(alm){
   console.log('Sorry, but we could not locate any posts that matched your criteria.');

Filter Complete – The almFilterComplete() function is triggered after a successful call to the public function almFilter().

$.fn.almFilterComplete = function(){
    console.log('Ajax Load More filter has completed!');

URL Update – The almUrlUpdate() function is triggered after a successful URL update (pushState) from the Single Post or the Search Engine Optimization add-on

$.fn.almUrlUpdate = function(permalink, type){
    console.log("URL updated to " + permalink + '- dispatched from the '+ type + ' add-on.');

→ View All Callback Functions

Filter Hooks

Ajax Load More has a variety of WordPress filters in place that enable users to hook into Ajax Load More to insert or modify data.

→ See All Filters


Ajax Load More passes the following PHP variables to each repeater template – these template variables can help you style and transform your repeater templates.

  • $alm_current – Returns the current item number in the current Ajax Load More loop and will reset to zero with every ‘Load More’ action.
  • $alm_page – Returns the current page number.
  • $alm_item – Returns the current item number within your loop.
  • $alm_found_posts – Returns the total number of posts found within the entire WordPress query.

Plugin Links

Please Review Ajax Load More!

Your reviews make a big difference! If you like and use Ajax Load More, please consider taking the time to review my plugin. Your ratings and reviews help the plugin grow and provide the motivation needed to keep pushing it forward.

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  • Settings screen
  • Available Repeater Templates
  • Custom Repeaters Add-On
  • Shortcode Builder
  • Content Editor shortcode icon
  • Edit Page Shortcode Builder
  • Shortcode and implementation examples


How to install Ajax Load More.

Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Search for ‘Ajax Load More’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate the plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the plugins dashboard
  2. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  3. Select ajax-load-more.zip from your computer
  4. Click ‘Install Now’
  5. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard

Using FTP

  1. Download ajax-load-more.zip
  2. Extract the ajax-load-more directory to your computer
  3. Upload the ajax-load-more directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin in the Plugin dashboard


What are the steps to getting Ajax Load More to display on my website
  1. Create your shortcode
  2. Add the shortcode to your page, by adding it through the content editor or placing it directly within one of your template files.
  3. Load a page with your shortcode in place and watch Ajax Load More fetch your posts.
What are my server requirements?

Your server must be able to read/write/create files. Ajax Load More creates the default repeater on plugin activation and in order to modify the output we are required to write to the file as well.

Is the ajax functionality secure?

Yes, Ajax Load more uses admin-ajax and nonces in order to protect URLs and forms from being misused.

Can I make modifications to the plugin code?

Sure, but please be aware that if modifications are made it may affect future updates of the plugin.

Can I modify the repeater template?

Yes, visit the Repeater Template section in your WordPress admin.

How are my repeater templates saved?

Repeater template data is saved into your WordPress database as well as written directly to a repeater template .php file in the ajax-load-more plugin directory.

Can I use custom fields in a repeater?

Yes, but you will need to define $post at the top of the repeater before requesting your custom fields. Like so:
global $post;

Which browsers are supported?
  • Firefox (Mac, PC, iOS)
  • Chrome (Mac, PC, iOS, Android)
  • Safari (Mac, iOS)
  • Opera
  • Android
  • IE8+


Great support

I found the plugin very hard to install and most important of all, to understand. I have no experience at all in PHP and with Darren's help, I managed to get it up and running. It looks and works perfectly so I'm happy with my purchase. If you know some PHP you'll be just fine. If you don't, prepare to spend some time tweaking this.

Weak Support

I installed the ajax load more plugin and purchased the previous post add-on. Since the first moment I noticed that the plugin doesn't work well when there are plugins or js code in the posts. When I introduce the problem to the support they gave excuses every time. And in one point they told me that I need to talk with the support of the other plugins. It seems like he just want to escape from responsibility. Eventually he refund the money for the add-on but still, this is the worst support I ever got in 3 years of working with wordpress plugins.

Great plugin – problem with custom repeater add-on

Great plugin! However I ran into a problem with one specific add-on. If your server has a problem with storing php in the database I recommend buying the Theme Repeater add-on instead of the Custom Repeater add-on. Customer Service was lightening fast at fixing my problem. Edit: Earlier review was a bit negative - edited to reflect attentive customer service and a working solution to my problem
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WordPress Infinite Scroll – Ajax Load More 外掛為開源軟體。以下人員為這個外掛做出了重大貢獻。


變更記錄 – January 16, 2019

  • FIX – Removed duplicate transition_container_classes when using Paging add-on.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with alm-listing container causing an error with the Comments addon.

4.2.0 – January 15, 2019

  • UPGRADE NOTICE – If you also are using the Previous Post add-on you must also update that plugin.
  • NEW – Added new render function alm_render for displaying ALM without a shortcode.
  • UPDATE – Started updating core JS to remove jQuery functions. Hopefully sooner than later jQuery will no longer be a dependancy.
  • UPDATE – Updated default scroll_distance to 100 from 150.
  • UPDATE – Various admin UI/UX updates.
  • UPDATE – Various bug fixes.

4.1.0 – December 6, 2018

  • NEW – Added initial support for nesting Ajax Load More instances. Users can now run Ajax Load More inside of another instance of Ajax Load More. For example, using Next Page add-on functionality inside of Previous Post content(Single posts). [ajax_load_more nested="true"]. Note: This is new functionality as should be used with caution as it has not fully been tested through every possible situation. Nested ALM Filters are not currently supported.
  • NEW – Added new plugin uninstall script and settings for removing all Ajax Load More data on plugin removal/deletion.
  • FIX – Fixed issue where filtering would stall when zero results were returned in an Ajax query.
  • FIX – Added bug fix for Shortcode Builder throwing a JS error when tags and/or categories are empty.

4.0 – November 5, 2018

  • NEW – Introducing Ajax Load More Pro! Access to every Ajax Load More add-on in a single installation.
  • NEW – Adding category__and and tag__and support for querying categories and tags.
  • UPDATE – Adding fix for permission error on repeater template directory by replacing mkdir() with WordPress core function wp_mkdir_p.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with Filters onComplete functions triggering before Ajax results were rendered on the screen.
  • FIX – Adding fix for alm_get_canonical_url function when getting URLs of child category and tag archives.

3.7.1 – October 3, 2018

Minor point release that affects Preloaded and Search Engine Optimization add-on users only. This release fixes 2 critical bugs in Ajax Load More 3.7.

  • FIX – Fix for Preloaded not parsing multiple Post Types (Sorry about that)
  • FIX – Adding .alm-reveal div and css_classes to NO_SCRIPT render.

3.7 – September 19, 2018

  • UPDATE NOTICE for Preloaded Addon Users – this ALM update moves preloaded posts into core .alm-listing container. This update was required for refactoring of core JS and HTML elements while making future enhancements easier to maintain.
  • NEW – Added new ALM_LOCALIZE class that allows Ajax Load More variables and parameters to be written to the page and accessed as JavaScript variables. This will be expanded in the near future and used for our React and Vue examples 🙂
  • NEW – Added support for SEO addon users that renders WP_Query results for SEO and users without JS enabled.
  • UPDATE – Updated Ajax WP_Query to use new ALM_QUERY_ARGS class.
  • FIX – Removed PHP warning messages caused by some Ajax Load More functions running in WP Admin.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with offset and preloaded posts in Users addon, Comments addon and ACF extensions.
  • FIX – Added a fix for post__not_in shortcode parameter not working with Sticky Posts.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with fading in of Ajax elements when using SEO addon is active.
  • FIX – Fixed issue search term filtering on default search.php template.
  • UPDATE – Hiding Load More button if JavaScript is not enabled.
  • UPDATE – Updated loading functionality of Preloaded and SEO addon when hitting a paged URL directly.
  • UPDATE – Code refactoring of some PHP functions and Core ALM JS.
  • UPDATE – Code clean up and organization.

3.6.1 – August 24, 2018

  • FIX – Fix for search parameter not being passed correctly to Ajax Load More.
  • FIX – Fixed PHP warning message being displayed with Call the Action add-on.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with Masonry settings not applying after latest 3.6 update.
  • NEW – Adding total-posts data attribute to parent Ajax Load More container.

3.6 – August 24, 2018

  • NEW – Added export/download functionality for Repeater Templates, click the options icon (cog) under each Repeater Template to reveal.
  • NEW – Added compatibility with Gutenberg editor.
  • NEW – Added support for SCRIPT_DEBUG.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with abrupt transition when filtering with Masonry.
  • FIX – Removed JS error in console when custom filtering with Masonry.
  • Update – Admin UI/UX enhancements to Repeater Template page.
  • Update – Added support for passing extra Masonry options to Ajax Load More.
  • Update – Improving the Ajax headers that are sent with each query – ALM now only sends relevant query params via GET request.
  • Update – Improving the HTML output – ALM now only renders relevant data attributes on the .alm-listing div.
  • Update – Started initial integration of upcoming ALM Pro add-on.
  • Update – Updated Plugin Updater Class for add-ons.

3.5.1 – June 20, 2018

  • NEW – Adding columnWidth support for Masonry.
  • NEW – Adding support and backwards compatibility for Custom Repeaters < v2.5
  • UPDATE – Added transition_container_classes parameter option to .alm-paging-content div for paging add-on.
  • FIX – Added fix for WPML taxonomy archive pages.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with transition_container="false" and new loading transition.
  • FIX – Updated ACF Relationship field function to return null if field is not present on the post ID page.

3.5.0 – April 17, 2018


This Ajax Load More update contains a major change to how the default repeater template is saved and displayed.
On update, your default repeater template will be moved from /plugins/ajax-load-more/core/repeater to an alm_templates directory created within /wp-content/uploads.
This is a long overdue enhancement to the plugin and I highly recommend you backup your site (or Repeater Template at least) prior to updating Ajax Load More incase permission issues occur during the upgrade process.

  • NEW – Updating Ajax Load More loading sequence to help with integration for Adsense and DFP advertisements in Ajax content.
  • NEW – Default Repeater Template now saved and accessed from the /wp-content/uploads directory.
  • FIX – Added a fix for WPML users that supports category and tag archives across languages See issues.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with destroy_after not triggering at correct intervals when using Preloaded add-on.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with shortcode parameters not being sent to Ajax Load More for the Comments add-on.
  • UPDATE – Added support for new SEO add-on filter hooks.
  • UPDATE – Updated CSS for the styling list elements. (.alm-listing > li)
  • UPDATE – Packaging Masonry v4.2.1 in Ajax Load More as core WordPress includes an older version of Masonry that was causing issues with certain features.
  • UPDATE – Simplifying Ajax Load More transition property to allow for feature enhancements (Removed ‘slide’ transition and jQuery animations).
  • UPDATE – Removing transition_speed shortcode parameter and set a globe 1/4 second transition speed for all animations.
  • UPDATE – Various UI/UX enhancements
  • UPDATE – Code cleanup.

3.4.1 – February 22, 2018

  • UPDATE – Added compatibility for Filters + Paging add-ons.
  • UPDATE – Added compatibility for Filters + Preloaded add-ons.
  • UPDATE – Code clean up
  • FIX – Fixed issue with Shortcode Builder showing Add-on and Extensions section when add-ons not installed.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with almDone and almEmpty callbacks not firing with Preloaded and Paging add-ons.

3.4.0 – February 13, 2018

  • NEW – Adding various functionality to support the new Filters add-on.
  • FIX – Fixed bug with passing search parameter to Preloaded add-on.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with license activation for Theme Repeaters, SEO and User add-ons.
  • UPDATE – Updated default loading transition to be fade, previously slide.
  • UPDATE – Added support for multiple instances of Ajax Load More and Masonry.
  • UPDATE – Fixed issue with the Post ID field in the ACF section of shortcode builder.
  • UPDATE – Various UI/UX enhancements

3.3.1 – December 7, 2017


This Ajax Load More release contains fundamental changes to the way ALM loads CSS. After update, if you run into issues visit the Ajax Load More settings screen and deselect the Load CSS Inline option.

  • NEW – Updated the default loading of Ajax Load More CSS. CSS Will now be inlined to improve site overall performance. A new setting has been added to allow for disabling of this inline CSS update.
  • NEW – New filters added for hooking the post ID, slug and canonical URL.
  • FIX – Updated shortcode builder JS to remove unwanted references to the Users add-on.
  • FIX – Fixed bug with searching and the Preloaded add-on.
  • FIX – Fixed for REST API returning null results do to unset data variable.
  • Update – Updated Previous Post cache to reference the post ID vs post slug. This fixes an issue with special characters in post URLs causing 404 errors. – November 22, 2017

  • FIX – Applied a fix for the filtering method that was updated in 3.3.0 – it was causing load more function to be called multple times in some situations.
  • FIX – Fixed issue where filtering with the Paging add-on was resulting in a JavaScript error.

3.3.0 – November 20, 2017

  • NEW – Adding functionality for new for WP_User_Query add-on.
  • NEW – New Admin design, cleaner layout, improved performance.
  • UPDATE – Remove load-more ID from loading button.
  • UPDATE – Updated alm_query_args filter to accept the current post ID as a parameter within the filter.
  • UPDATE – Code clean up, creating JS modules
  • UPDATE – Improved license activations
  • FIX- Removed ‘data-masonry-horizontalorder’ being rendered into HTML page if empty.
  • FIX- Fixed issue with jump to link on ALM settings page.

3.2.1 – October 5, 2017

  • NEW – Added new filter to optionally remove the trailing slash in URL of the SEO add-on. add_filter('alm_seo_remove_trailing_slash', '__return_true');
  • NEW – Added new transition_container_classes parameter that allows for custom classes to be added to the .alm-reveal container div.
  • NEW – Added new almDestroyed callback function that is dispatched after destroy_after has been triggered.
  • NEW – Added horizontalOrder support for built in Masonry. The masonry_horizontalorder shortcode param will lay out items to maintain horizontal left-to-right order.
  • FIX – Fix for font icons not showing in shortcode builder.
  • FIX – Fix for issue with cache being created by logged in users even if ‘Don’t cache files for logged in users’ is selected in the ALM settings.
  • UPDATE – Removed Nonce security option from ALM Settings.
  • UPDATE – Code cleanup, updating HTML markup in some areas.
  • UPDATE – Various UI/UX enhancements

3.2.0 – August 8, 2017

  • NEW – Added new masonry_animation setting to allow for adjusting of Masonry transitions (Default, zoom-out, slide-up, slide-down, none).
  • NEW – Added new scroll_container setting that will allow for posts to be loaded on scroll when Ajax load more has been placed inside of a container.
  • NEW – Added required support for new excluded terms feature in the Previous Post add-on.
  • NEW – Added support for entering html into the button_label and button_loading_label shortcode parameters. This will allow for users to enter font icons in the button.
  • FIX -Fixed issue where ACF options where not displaying in Shortcode Builder.
  • UPDATE – Updated image thumbnail size in default repeater template.
  • UPDATE – Updated save functionality of the ALM Settings screen.
  • UPDATE -Updated Font Awesome to 4.7.0
  • UPDATE – Updated build process/gulpfile to include admin css/js.
  • UPDATE – Various admin UI/UX updates.

3.1.2 – July 11, 2017

  • FIX – Bug fix for JavaScript issues introduced for IE11 & Edge browsers in ALM 3.1.1 – I reverted the problematic new functions and everything is working as expected.

3.1.1 – July 10, 2017

  • UPGRADE NOTICE – Version 3.1.1 drops support for IE8.
  • Update – Added support for ALM Filtering + Masonry.
  • Update – Added support for Preloaded + Masonry.
  • Update – Started transitioning Ajax Load More away from jQuery. This will be a long process but hopefully will be able to remove dependency in the near future.
  • FIX – Fixed issue where .alm-loading class was not being removed after Ajax post load.
  • FIX – Removed Advanced Custom Fields from licenses section – this extension does NOT require a license key.

3.1.0 – May 30, 2017

  • UPGRADE NOTICE – Ajax Load More has changed the directory from which the core CSS and JS are loaded. Core CSS and JS is now loaded from the /ajax-load-more/core/dist/ directory – you may need to clear your browser and site cache after update.
  • NEW – Adding built-in support for Masonry. Set transition="masonry" masonry_selector=".{selector_name}" in your shortcode to enable a custom Masonry callback and automatically enqueue Masonry and ImagesLoaded from core WordPress.
  • NEW – Adding built-in support progress bar loaders using Pace.js.
  • UPDATE – Core ALM CSS and JS is now loaded from core/dist/ directory.
  • UPDATE – Added modules, libs and vendor directories to core/js/ for splitting of JS files.
  • UPDATE – Added gulp config for compiling Ajax Load More JS and Sass locally.
  • FIX – Fixed issues with shortcode building providing incorrect values.

3.0.1 – May 22, 2017

  • NEW – Added support for caching single posts with the Previous Post and Cache add-ons.
  • NEW – Adding support for Advanced Custom Fields extension for Gallery and Flexible Content field types.
  • UPDATE – Updating cache-path parameter to allow for easier caching while ajax filtering.
  • FIX – Fixed PHP warning in ALM_SHORTCODE class for undefined $post->ID on taxonomy archive pages.

3.0 – May 4, 2017

  • NEW – Added required functionality for new Advanced Custom Fields extension
  • NEW – New interface for displaying Theme Repeater Templates inside template admin.
  • NEW – Added new .alm-loading class to #ajax-load-more container while content is loading. This class will allow for added transition states without needing to bake into core.
  • NEW – Adding post__in to orderby param in shortcode builder
  • NEW – Added new data-post-id attribute to ALM container to get current post ID.
  • NEW – Add Extensions page to ALM admin for installs extensions with a single click.
  • Updated – Added support for > 4 meta_query queries.
  • Updated – Updated cache directory path to reside in uploads/alm-cache directory vs ALM cache directory.
  • Updated – Updated styling (font size and family) on Load More button.
  • FIX – JS error when using multiple filters in Safari (Missing closing ] bracket on data attribute).
  • FIX – Missing quote in shortcode builder when using call to actions and theme repater add-ons.
  • UPDATE – Various UI and UX enhancements.

2.14.1 – March 24, 2017

  • NEW – Adding built in support for sticky posts (sticky_posts=”true”).
  • NEW – Added new alm_js_dependencies filter for removing jQuery dependency.
  • NEW – New alm_enqueue_external_scripts action for loading external JS files.
  • NEW – Adding support for paging + comments add-on.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with some addons not appearing in Shortcode Builder.
  • UPDATE – Various UI Updates and enhancements.

2.14.0 – February 14, 2017

  • NEW – Adding functionality for Next Page add-on (https://connekthq.com/plugins/ajax-load-more/add-ons/next-page/).
  • NEW – Added support for SEO add-on to be integrated with default WP search page.
  • NEW – Added support for Paging + Preloaded + SEO to be used on a single instance.
  • NEW – Added functions for triggering callbacks to various addons on load complete.
  • UPDATE – Various UI tweaks
  • UPDATE – Improving core JS functions and methods

2.13.1 – December 5, 2016

  • NEW – Adding support for multiple instances of filtering.
  • NEW – Adding caching support for initial requests if page > 1. e.g. /page/10/ will now be cached and served to visitors as page-1-10.html
  • NEW – Added new filter for creating and listing custom layouts within repeater template admin (docs coming soon).
  • Update – Adding Post Type ‘any’ to shortcode builder.
  • Update – Updating max_pages parameter to be ‘0’ as the plugin default.
  • Update – Various UI updates and enhancements.
  • FIX – Updated post_status parameter to support inherit for attachments.
  • FIX – Undefined variables in Shortcode Builder pop up.
  • FIX – Shortcode Builder UI and copy updates.
  • FIX – JS error on Examples page within plugin.
  • FIX – JS errors on with ALM Cache admin page.
  • FIX – Support for preserving querystring parameters in Previous Post add-on. – November 10, 2016

  • FIX – almEmpty() callback function not firing because of updated return value of empty query.
  • FIX – almdebug() filter causing ‘Missing argument 2 for apply_filters()’ error for some users.
  • FIX – Shortcode builder UI heading update.

2.13.0 – November 6, 2016

  • NEW – ID shortcode parameter. Assigning a unique ID to an Ajax Load More instance will allow for filters to be run more easily.
  • NEW – Added a new filter alm_query_args_[id] that let’s users create custom filters based on the ID of the Ajax Load More instance. Users can easily target a specific instance of Ajax Load More to modify query $args. See https://connekthq.com/plugins/ajax-load-more/docs/filter-hooks/#alm_query_args
  • NEW – Added a debug filter to view the return contents of the Ajax Load More query in the browser console (add_filter( ‘alm_debug’, ‘__return_true’ )).
  • FIX – Issue with cta_position parameter for Call to Actions add-on in shortcode builder.
  • UPDATE – Updated Shortcode Builder UI to add groupings for parameter types [Add-ons, Display Settings, Query Parameters].
  • UPDATE – Removed limit of 3 Taxonomy queries. Tax queries now support an unlimited amount however the Shortcode Builder is still capped at 3.
  • UPDATE – Adjusted max_pages shortcode parameter to default to 0.
  • UPDATE – Reworked alm_get_page_slug ()function to get current page slug.
  • UPDATE – Remove support for author slugs in favor of multiple author support and selection from the Shortcode Builder
  • UPDATE – Various UI/UX updates, new logos added to admin panel.

2.12.0 – September 5, 2016

  • NEW – Completed integration of new Call to Actions add-on.
  • NEW – Added $.fn.almTriggerClick() public function that will easily allow users to trigger Ajax Load More from any object on the screen.
  • UPDATE – Allow for post_status=”inherit” for use with attachments.
  • UPDATE – Adding Media (attachment) post type to the Shortcode Builder.
  • UPDATE – Allow for Author slug or ID within shortcode.
  • UPDATE – Updating Ajax Load More menu icon.
  • UPDATE – Updating license notifications on License page.
  • UPDATE – Removed blocking of SEO add-on when using multiple instances of the plugin on the same page. Users must ensure to only set seo=”true” on one element if using multiple instances of Ajax load More.
  • UPDATE – Updated default repeater template display on admin screen if Local Template is in use. Users will now see the contents on the Local Template but will not be able to modify the template directly.
  • FIX – URL/paging issue with Polylang and SEO plugins.
  • FIX – Updated code used to split pages with Search Engine Optimization add-on.

2.11.2 – August 4, 2016

  • SECURITY – Security fix for Custom Repeaters and Theme Repeaters include file path.
  • FIX – Removed duplicate #ajax-load-more id’s being generated when using multiple instances. #ajax-load-more will now only be attached to the 1st instance of the shortcode – please update your CSS if you are targeting the #ajax-load-more ID.
  • FIX – Updated code used to split pages with Search Engine Optimization add-on.
  • FIX – Issue where SEO License key input was not displaying for some users.
  • FIX – Issue for double popstate trigger with Paging + SEO add-on.
  • UPDATE – Various code improvements.
  • NEW – Adding functionality for upcoming Call to Actions add-on.

2.11.1 – May 30, 2016

  • SECURITY – Security fix for posts_status parameter. posts_status is now only available for logged in (admin) users. Non logged in users will only have access to view content in a ‘publish’ state.
  • UPDATE – Added support for preloading comments with the Comments and Preloaded add-ons.
  • Shortcode Builder UI improvements

2.11.0 – May 25, 2016

  • NEW – Adding required functionality for the new REST API add-on.
  • FIX – Fixed url parsing issue with the ALM base URL and Blog page url. This was affecting SEO add-on users.
  • UPDATE – WP_Query Performance improvements.
  • UPDATE – Various UI updates/tweaks.

2.10.1 – May 8, 2016

  • NEW – Users can now load a custom version of ajax-load-more.css from {/alm} folder in current theme directory.
  • NEW – Class definitions for alm shortcode and css enqueue script. More to come.
  • FIX – Removed unnecessary ob_end_clean() function from alm_query_posts() that was causing php notices for some users.
  • FIX – Fixed meta_query issue with EXISTS and NOT EXISTS meta_compare values.
  • FIX – Issue with meta_key parameter and orderby.
  • UPDATE – Updated $.fn.almUpdateCurrentPage() function to allow for multiple instances of Paging.
  • UPDATE – Various Admin UI bug fixes/enhancements. – April 11, 2016

  • FIX – JavaScript fix for ‘Unexpected token’ error is Safari and IE with alm.AjaxLoadMore.success() function.
  • FIX – Fixed canonical URL issue on home/front pages.

2.10.0 – April 10, 2016

  • NEW – Converted the Ajax return content type from HTML to JSON.
  • NEW – Adding transition_speed shortcode parameter.
  • NEW – Added alm_button_label filter to modify default button text.
  • NEW – Added new canonical URL builder for pages and archives – this function helps build legitimate URLs for the Search Engine Optimization add-on.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with undefined post slug on archive pages.
  • UPDATE – Performance improvements and code reduction.
  • UPGRADE NOTICE – When updating to 2.10 you must also update SEO and Comments add-ons.


  • NEW – Adding support for new Layouts add-on.
  • NEW – Adding support for table container type.
  • NEW – Adding new ‘transition_container’ shortcode parameter to allow for removal of the .alm-reveal div in the ajax output.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with the display of Previous Post taxonomy selection in Shortcode Builder.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with noscript navigation for preloaded and seo add-ons.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with hiding of Button Classes setting if ‘Disable CSS’ is checked.
  • FIX – Fixed bug with custom repeater fallback function.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with almDone function firing before a the button text reset function.
  • UPDATE – Various UI/UX enhancments.
  • UPDATE – Adding cache support for Theme Repeaters add-on.
  • UPDATE – Updating add-on activation script from wp_remote_get to wp_remote_post.


  • NEW – Adding a set of filter hooks to enable users to hook into Ajax Load More to insert or modify data. See https://connekthq.com/plugins/ajax-load-more/docs/filter-hooks/ for more information.
  • FIX – Updated infinite scrolling css styling.


  • FIX – Update for ALM settings screen – layout was broken with WP 4.4 release.
  • NEW – Adding new functionality to allow for loading of local default repeater template. Users can create a /alm_templates directory within their current theme and add default.php. If default.php is present it will be loaded before repeater template shipped with Ajax Load More.
  • NEW – Adding multiple taxonomy support – you can now query WordPress by up to 3 unique taxonomy queries.
  • NEW – Adding taxonomy_relation shortcode parameter.
  • FIX – Fixed JS error in shortcode builder popup.
  • FIX – Fix for issue with ‘<‘ and ‘<=’ Custom Field operators, WP was rendering these tags as HTML (https://github.com/dcooney/wordpress-ajax-load-more/issues/98). Users can now enter ‘lessthan’ and ‘lessthanequalto’ to fix this issue.
  • UPDATE – Changing ‘exclude’ shortcode parameter name to be ‘post__not_in’ to follow WordPress naming conventions. ‘exclude’ will continue to work along side ‘post__not_in’.


  • NEW – Adding new loading styles and button types.
  • NEW – Adding new ‘button_loading_label’ parameter allowing users to change button text while loading content.
  • NEW – Adding required support and functionality for new Comments add-on – https://connekthq.com/plugins/ajax-load-more/add-ons/comments/
  • UPDATE – Updating JS functions for release of Previous Post v1.1.
  • UPDATE – Various admin enhancements and removing deprecated code.
  • UPDATE – removing default link color in ajax-load-more.css.


  • PERFORMANCE – Updating ALM core to enqueue Ajax Load More js only when shortcode is present on screen.
  • NEW – Adding ‘canonical-url’ data attribute to ALM plugin wrapper – this will be used by various functions throughout the core plugin and add-ons.
  • NEW – Adding new alm-thumbnail image size.
  • NEW – Adding required functionality for upcoming Layouts add-on.
  • NEW – To increase SEO and crawler access we added a paging navigation when seo and preloaded are both ‘true’.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with almDone() function not firing in certain instances.
  • UPDATE – Rebuilt License activation screen to use ajax and alert users when licenses run out.
  • UPDATE – Various admin UI enhancements.


  • FIX – Fixed issue with the passing of ALM template variables to Theme Repeaters add-on.
  • FIX – Fixed issue shortcode builder returning an error when loading custom taxonomies.
  • NEW – Added new almDone() function that is dispatched after all posts have been loaded. $.fn.almDone(alm)

  • SECURITY – Due to a security scare with non-admin logged-in users I have updated all admin-ajax.php calls to verify nonce variables (wp_verify_nonce) and check user capabilities(edit_theme_options).

  • FIX – Update for issue where Ajax Load More CSS would load even if unchecked.

  • UPDATE – Adding required support/update for Language Pack translations (https://translate.wordpress.org/)
  • FIX – Update to automatically set posts_per_page to 1 if Previous Post add-on is in use.
  • FIX – Various core JS updates/improvements
  • FIX – Licenses not showing for Theme Repeaters and Previous Post add-ons
  • UPDATE – Various admin UI updates and enhancements.


  • NEW – Adding required support and functionality for new Previous Post add-on – https://connekthq.com/plugins/ajax-load-more/add-ons/previous-post/
  • NEW – Adding a set of filters to inject content into ALM containers.
  • NEW – Adding ‘container_type’ shortcode parameter that allows for override of the global Container Type.
  • NEW – Adding ‘pause_override’ shortcode parameter that will allow scrolling to override the Pause parameter and trigger the loading of posts on scroll.
  • NEW – Adding ‘meta_type’ shortcode parameter that will allow for specification of a custom field type..
  • UPDATE – Added unique id(classname/data-id) to each instance of ajax load more – this will allow for targeting of specific instances from outside elements.
  • FIX – Fixed JS issue with Paging add-on + SEO add-on URLs.
  • UPDATE – Various admin fixes and updates.


  • NEW – Adding required support and functionality for new Theme Repeaters add-on – https://connekthq.com/plugins/ajax-load-more/add-ons/theme-repeaters/
  • NEW – Added new shortcode parameter ‘images_loaded’ which will allow you to wait for all images to load before displaying ajax loaded content.
  • UPDATE – General admin UI enhancements to settings screen.


  • NEW – Adding multisite support for Repeater Templates – if using a multisite, please deactivate then re-activate Ajax Load More.
  • NEW – Completely rebuilt update script for repeater templates to be more efficient and integrate with multisite installations.
  • UPDATE – Split up ALM setting fields into Global and Admin settings for increased usability.
  • NEW – Added new setting field for Error Reporting – User can now choose to display error notices regarding repeater template updating in the browser console.


  • FIX – Fixed issue for querying by meta_key – users are not required to enter a meta_value to query by meta_key.


  • MILESTONE – This 2.7.0 release includes major updates to ALM core functionality to allow for new features and various fixes.
  • NEW – Added multiple meta query functionality to the shortcode builder – users can now query by up to 4 custom fields.
  • NEW – Adding ‘css_classes’ parameter – users can now add container css classes directly within the shortcode builder as well as the setting screen.
  • NEW – Adding Paging add-on functionality.
  • NEW – Adding secondary query to return total posts for entire ALM query.
  • NEW – Adding licensing section for add-on license key activation.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with boolean vs string variables in core JS.
  • FIX – Fixed bug with the ‘custom_args’ parameter that was blocking arrays from being passed. Please check the documentation for the updated ‘custom_args’ syntax for multiple values.

  • FIX – Fixed bug with Preloaded + SEO and scrolling to current page in core Ajax Load More JS.
  • UPDATE – Moved SEO and Cache add-on settings and controls from ALM core to SEO core.
  • NEW – Added Google Analytics Pageview support to SEO add-on.
  • UPDATE – Various admin UI improvements.

  • FIX – Fixed/updated error handling of repeater templates. Errors are now being reported in the browser console and do not interfere with the WP admin.
  • FIX – Fixed javascript issue with shorthand if statements and script concatenation.
  • REMOVED – Legacy code for creating ‘alias’ table columns.


  • NEW – Added new shortcode parameter ‘custom_args’ which will let users pass custom query params. e.g. custom_args=”order:custom_meta_key, tag_slug__and:array(design,development)”
  • NEW – Added setting for implementing WP nonce for added security of Ajax functionality.
  • Update – Removed WP nonce for ALM query as this was causing issues with various caching plugins.
  • Update – Various UI improvements and enhancements


  • NEW – Adding new ALM setting to move user to top of page on window load.
  • FIX – Fixed issue with Cache + SEO where initial user might end up caching multiple pages in a single query if the page requested was greater than 1.
  • FIX – Fix for scrolling to load posts when max_pages = 0 – issue was introduced in release 2.6.1


  • NEW – Public function, almFilter(type, speed, data) function which will allow for filtering/resetting of a ajax load more object.
  • NEW – Callback function, almFilterComplete() function which is dispatched after a successful almFilter() event.
  • NEW – Adding ‘post__in’ parameter. You can now curate queries based on a comma separated list of post ids.
  • UPDATE – Updating data() variables in ajax-load-more.js to allow for manipulation via JS.
  • FIX – Fix for cache parameter always true in ajax-load-more.js.


  • NEW – Adding scroll_distance parameter – easily adjust the distance from the bottom of the page that will trigger loading of posts.
  • NEW – Adding required functionality for Caching Add-on.
  • NEW – Adding new almEmpty function triggered if zero results were returned.
  • FIX – Disabled in previous versions, Preloaded and SEO can now work together to produce SEO URLs.
  • UPDATE – Performance updates, various UI improvements.


  • FIX – Dynamic population of category, tag and author content within Shortcode Builder – now this actually works as requested and no database queries happen if this setting is true.
  • FIX – Small issue with new destory_after parameter in core js.
  • UPDATE – Updated language .pot file.
  • UPDATE – Small admin interface tweaks.


  • NEW – Adding query by multiple categories and tags.
  • NEW – Adding required functionality for new Preloaded add-on – preload posts before any ajax queries kick in.
  • NEW – Adding ‘destroy_after’ parameter to completely remove Ajax Load More functionality after ‘n’ number of pages.
  • NEW – Adding setting to disable dynamic population of category, tag and author content within shortcode builder.
  • NEW – Adding functionality to exclude categories(‘category__not_in’).
  • NEW – Adding functionality to exclude tags(‘tag__not_in’).
  • NEW – Adding option to copy repeater content and update templates from database directly on the Repeater Template settings page.
  • NEW – Query by multiple meta query values e.g “cat, dog, fish”.
  • FIX – Issue with simultaneous query by category and custom taxonomy.
  • Fix – Issue for SEO add-on when pause = “true”. ALM will now set pause to false if page > 1 when using the SEO add-on.


  • Adding date query parameters – users can now query by day, month and year.
  • Admin UX improvements including sticky navigation in shortcode builder.
  • Updated ALM examples page with date query and improved archive.php.
  • Fixed PHP warning related to hiding Ajax Load More button in editor and Custom Repeaters v1.
  • Added language support for Polylang and qTranslate plugins.


  • Urgent fix for array_push error


  • Adding required functionality for ALM SEO add-on (https://connekthq.com/plugins/ajax-load-more/seo/)
  • Adding variables for counting items within the ALM query – $alm_page & $alm_item are now accessible within repeater templates.
  • Remove plugin activation notification due to error fetching column names.
  • Fixed issue with orderby = “rand”, ALM now excludes all previously queried post ids.
  • fixed JS error on ALM setting pages.
  • Fixed issue with hiding TinyMCE button that was affecting other plugins.
  • General plugin improvements and enhancements.


  • Adding required functionality for the NEW Ajax Load More Custom Repeaters v2 add-on – https://connekthq.com/plugins/ajax-load-more/custom-repeaters/
  • Improved debug messaging for Ajax Load More and Add-Ons.
  • Adding fix for ordering by meta value.
  • Admin stying updates.
  • Updated FAQs
  • Fix meta_query query and orderby meta value


  • Fix for query by Standard post format.
  • Fix for Shortcode Builder where Custom Taxonomies were not building correctly.


  • Bug fix for meta_query parameters.
  • Further improvements to WordPress query arguments from 2.2.4.
  • Update plugin .pot file.


  • Urgent fix for category queries.


  • Improving WordPress query arguments.
  • Removing empty query parameters which were conflicting with various hooks and filters reported by ALM users.
  • Updated admin notifications.
  • Added plugin action links to plugin listing.


  • Adding query by Custom Field value(Meta Query).
  • Improved error handling for easier debugging.
  • Fixed issue with pause = “true” and scroll = “true”. Pause should always take precendence over scroll.
  • Code clean up, improving overall quality for easier merges and updates.


  • Adding callback function that is dispatched once a successful ajax call is made. $.fn.almComplete(alm).
  • Adding WPML support for ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE – A ‘lang’ atributed is added dynamically if WPML is installed.
  • Making JS variables and functions publically accessible.


  • Fixed php notice/warning that would trigger if WP_DEBUG was enabled.
  • Adding minified core JS.
  • Adding global option to disable shortcode button in the content editor.
  • Adding touchmove js event for faster scroll detection on mobile devices.
  • Code clean up, removing unused functions.


  • Adding Post Format query.
  • Adding syntax highlighting for Repeater Templates with CodeMirror (https://codemirror.net/).
  • Adding custom alias integration for Repeater Templates (Only for the custom repeater add-on).
  • Adding button preview on settings page.
  • Adding ‘White’ button style.
  • Updated .pot language file.


  • Fixed issue causing the Ajax Load More menu to not show on some admin screen do to location conflict with another plugin.
  • Adding column ‘alias’ to wp_alm table to allow for repeater alias (Only for the custom repeater add-on).
  • Remove legacy column ‘test’ from wp_alm table.
  • Updating styles in admin.css.


  • Adding ability to have multiple instances of script on a single page
  • Adding global class name(‘.ajax-load-more-wrap’) to Ajax Load More container. I plan to remove the #ajax-load-more naming convention in upcoming releases, but need time for users to update their code.
  • Small styling enhancements to admin panel.
  • Updated .pot language file.


  • Adding Order and Orderby query parameters, you can now set these values within the Shortcode Builder
  • Updating core javascript code
  • Fixed bug with taxonomy query selectors


  • Adding custom taxonomy query – select from a list of custom taxonomies then select terms and operator
  • Fixed path to repeater file in admin functions


  • Fixed issue with loading of admin javascript and css on pages other than Ajax Load More


  • Fixed issue with author query


  • Fixed issue where loading button was not turning off when posts remaining were zero


  • Adding add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’);


  • Removed 2 filters for widget_text which were casuing issues in sidebars


  • Updating default repeater template to include the_permalink()


  • Fixing issue with duplicate column names in database.


  • removed upgrader_process_complete as it was unreliable. Replaced with admin_init to check whether plugin has been updated.


  • Fixed jQuery conflict javascript error


  • Fixing issue with scrolling of posts


  • Updating db table structure
  • Adding upgrader_process_complete checker


  • Adding plugin version to wpdb table.
  • Removed legacy repeater code.


  • Fixed issue with WP auto updates overriding the default repeater. Please deactivate and then activate your plugin.


  • Fixed issue with tinymce conflict

2.0.1 – June 20, 2014

  • Ajax Load More