Aistore Multi Vendor Store


Now you can start Multi Vendor Store from your own woocommerce store. It is very easy no configuration is required.

This plugin provide your customer to sell their products in the store and you can earn commissions.

1 WooCommerce
WooCommerce is a single vendor store where you can sell any product this offer details features for a complete e-commcer store.

2 Multi Vendor
In this we setup a e-commerce and allow our customer to sell their own products on our e-commerce store.

3 Merchant
In the e-commerce store not every one customer wish to sell only a few customer do sell and this role is called a merchant.

4 Reports
From the front section merchant will be allow to create products and and check sells reports

5 Commission Percantage
From the admin section store admin can set up the commission percantage and after each sell admin will make that.

6 Orders Reports
Merchant can see his orders and update order status and see his earning reports

7 Widthdraw Earnings
Merchant can widthdraw his earnings to his bank account

8 E-commerce features and payment gateway
All payment gateway which are supported for the woocommerce will also support this plugin.


After enableing the plugin you need to create pages with following shortcodes

[aistore_add_product] This will show form for add product

[aistore_product_edit] This will show form for edit product

[aistore_product_list] This will lists all products

[aistore_order_list] This will lists all orders

[aistore_order_edit] This will show form for edit order

[aistore_saksh_withdrawal_system] This will show form for withdrawal system

[aistore_bank_account] This will show form for add bank account

After creating pages please admin and in the form set the pages so that system know which pages is used for which purpose.


  1. Download and extract to wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. “Dashboard”->”Settings”->”Saksh Escrow System”
  4. There are some examples on the settings page,




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