AgentPress Listings


The AgentPress Listings plugin uses custom post types, custom taxonomies, and widgets to create a listings management system.

You can use the taxonomy creation tool to create your own way of classifying listings, and use those taxonomies to allow users to search for listings.


  1. 將外掛安裝套件解壓縮所得的 agentpress-listings 資料夾上傳至網站的 /wp-content/plugins/ 目錄。
  2. 在 WordPress 管理後台的 [外掛] 選單中啟用外掛。
  3. Begin creating listings and listing taxonomies.


Is this plugin still in beta?

No, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s perfect. Please report any bugs to us, and be sure to update whenever a new version is available.

Is there a way to add more HTML tags accepted for the map and video textarea?

Yes, you can use the filter agentpress_featured_listings_allowed_html.


2019 年 12 月 18 日 2 則留言
Dear, very good afternoon. I use Agentpress Pro with agentpress listing plugins, and in a few days I find myself trying to modify the information in property_details, and it doesn't allow me to make the changes, and I can't modify the insertion codes of maps and videos either. I have also tried to create a new property to assign the data that does not allow me to modify, but it also does not save the info in the property_details in the new property created. Could you tell me if it's an update problem or can I solve it with some code or file? I appreciate your valuable help, and excuse my English, since I do not master it very well. Thank you very much.
2018 年 6 月 19 日
I just install the plugin but to activate, I have to install Genesis, another plugin, which is not mentioned in the description. hustle. uninstalling.
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  • Ensure edited property details save in WordPress 5.3+.


  • Prevent _listing_price_sortable meta being removed when creating new listings or saving existing ones. If listings disappeared from your archives and search results after editing them, try updating the plugin and then resaving them.


  • Fix a bug where map and video textarea were stripping HTML tags from the content.


  • Fix bug where taxonomies were not saving.


  • Reorganize plugin.
  • Enforce WordPress code standards.
  • Introduce Circle CI.
  • Fix bug where field wasn’t saving.
  • Fix bug where field wasn’t showing.


  • WordPress compatibility.


  • Add plugin header i18n


  • Fix typo


  • PHP7 compatibility


  • Fixed issue where existing taxonomies could not be edited
  • Fixed typo in the language .pot filename


  • Fixed issue with incorrect usage of array_pop()


  • Fixed bug with listing search results using wrong template
  • Fixed issue with breadcrumbs on listing search results page


  • Update textdomain
  • Prevent invalid taxonomy slugs
  • Fix PHP notices and warnings
  • Fix link to edit taxonomy
  • Conditionally output markup in listing widget
  • Use wp_get_theme() instead of get_theme_data()


  • Fix spacing issues
  • Update Listings menu icon


  • Localized the property details labels
  • Fixes typo
  • Change the property details filter name
  • Enable comments on listings post type
  • Fix admin redirect bug
  • Tag for public release


  • Flush rewrite rules when plugin is activated, or taxonomies are created.
  • Remove hard line break between dropdowns in the property search widget.
  • Add button text as a widget option in the property search widget.
  • Remove a rogue </div>.
  • Move the comma to the proper place in the address output in Featured Listings.
  • Hook the init function to after_setup_theme so filters in the child theme will work.
  • Short-circuit the plugin if a Genesis child theme isn’t active.
  • Make the property details (label and custom field key) filterable.
  • Make the loop output filterable in Featured Listings.


  • Public beta release


  • Initial beta release