Advanced WordPress Reset


請注意,如果你需要的是一款能清理資料庫並刪除多餘項目的外掛,請使用一樣由我們開發的 Advanced Database Cleaner

‘Advanced WordPress reset’ plugin will reset and restore your WordPress Database to its first original status in order to make a fresh installation without going through WordPress traditional installation. You can also reset specific items by executing tools such as: clean up the “uploads” folder, delete all comments, remove all plugins, etc.

This plugin will help you save time especially if you are a developer and you have to install WordPress from scratch every time after testing some plugins/themes.

The plugin provides two main features categories:

Main reset (Reset all)

  • Runs a new installation without going through the 5 minutes WordPress installation
  • Resets the database without deleting or modifying any of your files (all your WordPress, plugins, and themes files are kept as they are without modifying them in any way)
  • 刪除資料庫中所有由外掛及佈景主題所產生的相關設定資料
  • Deletes all content including posts, pages, options, menus, etc.
  • Detects the Admin user and recreates it with its saved password. If the Admin user does not exist, the current logged in user will be recreated with its current password with wp_user_level 10
  • 重設資料庫後,可保留原有的網站名稱

Custom reset tools

  • Clean up ‘uploads’ folder (/wp-content/uploads) by deleting all its content. This includes images, videos, music, documents, subfolders, etc.
  • Delete all themes (the plugin uses WordPress core functions to delete themes). You have the possibility to keep the currently active theme or delete it as well
  • Delete all plugins (the plugin will deactivate them first then uninstall them using WordPress core functions)
  • Clean up “wp-content” folder. All files and folders inside ‘/wp-content’ directory will be deleted, except ‘index.php’ and the following folders: ‘plugins’, ‘themes’, ‘uploads’ and ‘mu-plugins’
  • Delete Must-use plugins. All MU plugins in ‘/wp-content/mu-plugins’ will be deleted. These are plugins that cannot be disabled except by removing their files from the must-use directory
  • Delete “.htaccess” file. This is a critical WordPress core file used to enable or disable features of websites hosted on Apache. In some cases, you may need to delete it to do some tests
  • Delete all comments. All types of comments will be deleted. Comments meta will also be deleted
  • Delete pending comments. These are the comments that are awaiting moderation
  • Delete spam comments
  • Delete trashed comments. These are comments that you have deleted and sent to the Trash
  • Delete pingbacks. Pingbacks allow you to notify other website owners that you have linked to their article on your website
  • Delete trackbacks. Although there are some minor technical differences, a trackback is basically the same things as a pingback

The use of the plugin is quick, convenient, and safe. It is impossible to accidentally click on the reset buttons without your permission. You are always invited to confirm your actions.


  • The plugin does not support Multisite installation for now. We will add compatibility as soon as possible.


  • Reset all - main reset feature
  • Custom reset tools
  • You are invited to confirm the reset for all tools




  • 將外掛壓縮檔解壓縮後,將包含所有檔案的外掛資料夾上傳至 /wp-content/plugins/ 目錄
  • 前往 [控制台] » [外掛],找到這個外掛後按一下 [啟用]
  • 前往 [控制台] » [工具],按一下 [Advanced WP Reset] 便能進入外掛設定頁面


[重設資料庫] 這項功能能達成哪些目的?

這項功能能將 WordPress 網站的資料庫進行重設並還原為初始狀態,讓 WordPress 網站回到全新安裝的狀態。也就是說,它會將網站還原到沒有任何內容及自訂設定的全新安裝狀態。

[重設資料庫] 這項功能安全嗎?

是的,對沒有重要內容的網站來說相當安全。如果使用上有任何問題,我們會提供技術支援 🙂 。

Are there any files that will be deleted after the reset?


Are there any plugins or themes that will be deleted after the reset?

No. All your plugins and themes will be kept. However, you will lose any settings in the database of those plugins/themes.

這個外掛是否與 WordPress 多站網路相容?

否,這個外掛與 WordPress 多站網路並不相容,我們會儘快增加這項支援。

Is this plugin compatible with SharDB, HyperDB, or Multi-DB?

The plugin is not supposed to be compatible with SharDB, HyperDB, or Multi-DB for now.


2022 年 10 月 3 日
Plugin does what it should do - quick and easy - perfect reset!
2022 年 9 月 28 日
Thank you very much for helping community while providing such a convenient and practical Plugins. That inspire me in developing some plugins for the future. Good job and keep working.
2022 年 9 月 20 日
説明なしでも理解できる、全リセットプラグインです。 主にワイヤーフレームスペースの初期化に活用しております。 プラグインも削除されるわけではなく無効化されるだけなので、特定の部分だけ再活用することも簡単にでき、とても使い勝手が良いですね。
2022 年 9 月 14 日
Never use this plugin. You can't log in to your WordPress until you reinstall the WordPress from the backend. Now I and my client can't log in the WordPress also didn't find any login page to the website. Be aware of this plugin.
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1.6 – 01/07/2022

  • Security fix: enhancing the security of the plugin by escaping some URLs before outputting them

1.5 – 23/02/2022

  • New: feature to clean up ‘uploads’ folder
  • New: feature to delete all themes
  • New: feature to delete all plugins
  • New: feature to clean up ‘wp-content’ folder
  • New: feature to delete MU plugins
  • New: feature to delete the ‘.htaccess’ file
  • New: feature to delete all comments
  • New: feature to delete pending comments
  • New: feature to delete spam comments
  • New: feature to delete trashed comments
  • New: feature to delete pingbacks
  • New: feature to delete trackbacks
  • Tweak: completely rewriting the JavaScript code
  • Tweak: enhancing the CSS code
  • Tweak: enhancing the PHP code
  • Tested with WordPress 5.9

1.1.1 – 17/09/2020

  • Tweak: enhancing the JavaScript code
  • Tweak: we are now using SweetAlert for all popup boxes
  • Tweak: enhancing some blocks of code
  • Tested with WordPress 5.5


  • Some changes to CSS style
  • Changing a direct text to _e() for localization
  • Test the plugin with WP 5.1


  • The plugin is now Reactivated after the reset
  • Adding “Successful Reset” message


  • First release: Hello world!