Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha (v2 & v3)


在留言 (留言內容欄位下方、[發佈留言] 按鈕上方)、Contact Form 7、bbPress、BuddyPress、WooCommerce、登入表單、註冊表單、忘記密碼表單、重設密碼表單中顯示 noCAPTCHA 或隱形 reCAPTCHA。這個外掛同時也可以輕易整合至其他表單。

  • Allow multiple captcha in same page.
  • Allow conditional login captcha (you can set after how many failed login attempts login captcha will show)

For Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha PRO click here

Show noCaptcha on

  • Comment Form (after Comment textarea before submit button)
  • WooCommerce
  • Login
  • Register
  • Multisite User Signup
  • Lost Password
  • Reset Password
  • Contact Form 7
  • FEP Contact Form
  • bbPress New topic
  • bbPress reply to topic
  • BuddyPress register


  • You can select which version of reCaptcha will be used (v2 I’m not robot checkbox, v2 invisible or v3)
  • Language can be changed
  • Error message can be changed
  • For v2 I’m not robot: Theme, Size can be changed.
  • For v2 Invisible: Theme, badge location can be changed.
  • For v3: Score and when to load script can be changed
  • Option to show/hide captcha for logged in users
  • Captcha will show if javascript disabled also (optional)

Privacy Notices

  • This plugin send IP address go Google for captcha verification. Please read Google Privacy Policy.
  • If you set “Show login Captcha after how many failed attempts” to more than 0(zero) then user hash from ip address will be stored in database. After successful login, hash of that ip address will be deleted.


  • Captcha in comment form
  • Captcha in Contact Form 7
  • Captcha in WooCommerce (multiple in same page)
  • Captcha in Login Form
  • Captcha in Register Form
  • Captcha in Lost Password Form
  • Advanced noCaptcha reCaptcha Settings
  • Advanced noCaptcha reCaptcha Setup Instruction


  1. Upload “advanced-nocaptcha-recaptcha” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to plugin settings page for setup.


Can i use this plugin to my language?

Yes. this plugin is translate ready. But If your language is not available you can make one. If you want to help us to translate this plugin to your language you are welcome.

Can i show multiple captcha in same page?

Yes. You can show unlimited number of captcha in same page.

How to load reCaptcha v3 script only when there is form in that page?

Loading v3 script in All Pages help google for analytics. If you want to load script only when there is form in that page please go to Dashboard > Settings > Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha > v3 Script Load and set to “Form Pages”.
If you are not using v3 then script will only load when there is form in that page. no settings required.

How to set captcha in contact form 7?

To show noCaptcha use [anr_nocaptcha g-recaptcha-response]

How to login if i am locked out?

You can access your file via FTP or file manager and rename “advanced-nocaptcha-recaptcha” folder to something else. Then login as normal. Then rename back this folder.


2020 年 6 月 23 日
This plugin is terrible. I think the designer wants to show off that he's a higher life form than people that don't know how to code. No matter what I do, it will not install. I'm sorry I ever saw it. DELETING!
2020 年 6 月 6 日
Broke the login form! Was left unable to log in to my admin account until I deleted the plugin from the filesystem. I thought it might be some incompatibility with LoginPress, but I deactivated LoginPress and tried again, and the same thing happened. I was using Invisible v2. The keys and domain are valid - reCaptcha logo was present in the corner, and on pressing Login button, there's a successful AJAX submission to Google and 200 response from them, but then nothing happens. Normally I'd give a developer a chance to sort out a showstopper bug before leaving a bad review, but this is so serious I felt it needed to be brought to people's attention. A plugin like this that intervenes in the login process MUST take steps to ensure that admin accounts are not locked out if something goes wrong. Clearly this one does not, which means it cannot be used with confidence.
2020 年 6 月 6 日
2 things.... First it doesn't really include contact form 7 by default (unlike what's implied in the description) only in the Pro version which is $10, that's okay but it doesn't mention it. (there is some short code buried in a link somewhere that you're supposed to know what to do with). so just use another plug in, that works out-of-the-box. the second thing is that when you try to uninstall it it does the strangest thing, it pops up a questionnaire asking you why you want to uninstall it before you can uninstall , that's creepy. first time I seen any thing like that.
2020 年 5 月 20 日
I used this plugin on many sites because of it's simple clean integration. The latest version includes extra bloat, freemium upgrade stuff, and extra items to the settings menu purely to upgrade to pro version. I don't mind paying for an upgrade, and was actually considering just buying pro even though I don't need it, but use this on many sites. However, the additional ads that now appear in my admin have changed how I feel about this plugin. I'll have to start looking for a suitable replacement.
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  • Minor bug fixed.


  • IP whitelist feature added.
  • Captcha V3 timeout issue fixed.
  • UM login issue fixed.


  • Return last verify incase of duplicate checking.
  • Add google scripts src filters.
  • Custom hook and captcha shortcode now support logged in setup.


  • Fix: Multisite site signup during registration failed due to double verification.
  • Fix: Comment reply failed from back-end.


  • Use js for loop instead of php for loop
  • Use number_formate_i18n to translate float
  • Tested upto updated.


  • Fix: Compatibility issue with reCaptcha v3 and CF7 version 5.1 & 5.1.1


  • Now support reCaptcha v3 also
  • Fix: invisible captcha sometimes was not working
  • anr_verify_captcha filter added


  • PRO version released
  • anr_verify_captcha_pre filter added
  • anr_get_option filter added


  • Reset captcha if CF7 validation error occur
  • Changed Tested up to


  • BuddyPress mentioned in readme
  • WooCommerce checkout captcha sometimes did not verify
  • Reset captcha if WooCommerce checkout error occur
  • If WordPress version is 4.9.0 or greater then pre_comment_approved filter used for comment which we can now return WP_Error


  • Settings page redesigned.
  • anr_is_form_enabled function added
  • Captcha error show first before username password error. So if captcha is not validated then username password error is not shown.
  • enqueue login css only if normal captcha is shown
  • Enabled forms stored as an array in db. array key is enabled_forms
  • Add class ANR_Settings, removed class anr_admin_class
  • BuddyPress register captcha added


  • Sometimes fatal error if is_admin return true in front-end.
  • Do not show captcha in checkout if not checked for checkout.


  • Now show captcha when use wp_login_form() function to create login form.


  • Fix: Settings page checkbox uncheck was not working.


  • New: Show captcha after set failed login attempts (may not work if you use ajax based login form, fall back to show always).
  • Fix: contact form 7 deprecated function use.


  • New: Invisible captcha feature added.
  • Fix: Show captcha error when login form loaded
  • Move this plugin settings page under Settings


  • Bug fix: WooCommerce lostpassword corrupted link


  • Comment form captcha issue fixed.
  • Captcha now wraped in anr_captcha_field div class.
  • Comment form captcha p tag removed.


  • Security update.
  • WooCommerce checkout form issue fixed.


  • Captcha in WooCommerce added (WooCommerce Login, Registration, Lost password, Reset password forms).
  • Allow multiple captcha in same page.
  • Text domain changed.
  • Some minor bug fixed.


  • New filter ‘anr_same_settings_for_all_sites’ added, Now same settings can be used for all sites in Multisite.
  • Multisite User Signup Form added.
  • Some bug fixed.


  • Now captcha size can be changed.
  • bbPress New topic added
  • bbPress reply to topic added
  • Some bug fixed.


  • Initial release.