Admin Color Schemes


12 種全新的網站後台色彩配置。

這個外掛提供的色彩配置由 Kate Whitley、Dave Whitley、Mel Choyce 及 Kelly Dwan 設計。


  • 純真 80 年代

  • 寇克艦長

  • 葡萄園

  • 郵輪

  • 瓷藍

  • 長青

  • 可供選取的全部色彩配置


2022 年 9 月 6 日
Excellent for quickly differentiating the different states of the site (production, experimental and under development)!
2020 年 6 月 15 日
My misconception, probably, but I thought this was for creating my own color scheme. Just adding a few additional presets, I don't see the point, sorry. The only reason for me to change the color scheme would be to set it to the website brand colors. So if there were a thousand additional presets, there would still hardly be one that matches any of my clients colors ...
2017 年 2 月 14 日
Far simpler and cleaner than many "admin theme" plugins out there. Gorgeous, thank you!
2016 年 11 月 3 日
This is a future request for the possibility of adding a color picker tool, to allow admin users to create their own 5 color combination schemes. Great plugin, but would love to brand the admin with colors I want to use. Is this possible?
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  • New scheme — “Modern Evergreen” theme, inspired by the WordPress 5.9 release art.
  • New feature — Style the editor to match the selected color scheme.
  • Update Sass files to match core changes from 5.5 – 5.9: Buttons styled as links should use link colors, but deletion buttons should still use red; style secondary buttons differently if the theme is “low contrast”; fix focus states on toggle buttons; bring in styles to the customizer & site health sections; style new dashboard Welcome Panel.
  • Fix spelling of “Vineyard” (was “Vinyard”) in labels (keep slug and folder for compatibility).
  • Fix comment icon color on Seashore & High Contrast Blue.
  • High Contrast Blue: Improve contrast in Theme searching & selection.
  • Developer improvements: Updated tools and packages, switched to Gulp for building files.


  • Add new “Adderley” theme, inspired by the WordPress 5.4 release art.
  • Add new “Kirk” theme, inspired by the WordPress 5.3 release art.
  • Add new “Contrast Blue” theme, a light color scheme with high contrast text.
  • Update Sass files to match core changes: button styles are updated, various UI cleanup to match theme styles, .
  • Remove unused variable $action-color.
  • Update Vineyard: Update highlight & notification colors to improve contrast.
  • Developer improvements: Convert to namespace to remove global class; add stylelint for color sass files.


  • Update Sass files to match 4.4 core changes: new button styles, remove jQuery UI styles, more updates to menu focus styles.


  • Update Sass files to match 4.3 core changes: touch & keyboard focus styles for admin bar, TinyMCE buttons, remove thickbox plugin styles.
  • Update grunt tasks & packages.


  • Update Sass files to match 4.1 core changes: Adds support for new elements, and fixes publish button’s color-flash on save.
  • Stop forcing load of colors-fresh.css


  • Initial Release