Abs – Additional block styles


Provides new additional creative styles to your WordPress website native blocks in editor (Gutenberg). Simply activate the plugin and use newly available block styles (see “Frequently Asked Questions” for more info).

List of included block styles:

Portfolio gallery
Display caption of gallery images below the image to create a portfolio-like appearance.

Enhanced Media & Text
Enable creative transition between media and text containers. Also, display the media on top for easy feature or service display.

Image effects
Give your Image and Media & Text blocks interesting, unique look with brushstroke, flower, or oval shape.

Overlap blocks
Overlap various (container) blocks over content above or below. Or pull them left and right.

Modern quotes
A modern bubble style is provided for Quote block.

List items
Separate list items and latest posts with a border. Or display lists inline.

Remove gaps
You can remove gaps between columns or gallery images. Also, a useful style to remove vertical gap from various blocks is provided.

Column alignment
Use this style with singular column which is not 100% wide. You can then align the column in columns container using these styles.

Make various blocks stand out applying a drop shadow style. Or push the Cover block background further to the back with inner shadow.

Responsive styles
Hide a column, or stack columns and Media & Text on tablet screens (in portrait orientation).

Separator styles
New double line and zigzag separator styles are provided.

Accessibility related styles
You can hide headings accessibly. They will still be accessible for assistive technology such as screen reader, but visually they’ll be hidden.

Got a suggestion?

If you have a suggestion for a new block style, please share it here in support section or in GitHub repository issues.


  • Preview of "Wavy" Media & Text and right aligned column
  • Gallery with "Caption below" style and "Modern bubble" quote
  • Paint brushed image, list with line separator, overlapping content below and inner shadow styles preview
  • Media & Text with "Media on top" style, ideal for presenting features or services, and zigzag separator style
  • Preview of Image block styles
  • Preview of Column block styles
  • Preview of Gallery block styles
  • Creating services list with Media & Text block and "Media on top" block styles
  • Preview of List block styles
  • Preview of Media & Text block styles and overlapping styles
  • Preview of Quote block styles
  • Preview of "No vertical gap" and "Inner shadow" styles
  • Preview of Separator block styles
  • Horizontally pulled middle column and oval image style preview
  • Flower and oval image style within curved group block


  1. Unzip the plugin download file and upload additional-block-styles folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Plugin works immediately after activation by adding additional block styles into your WordPress block editor. And you can customize plugin options on Settings → Abs screen.


I have a suggestion!

If you have a suggestion for a new block style, please share it here in support section or in GitHub repository issues.

How does it work?

Once you enable the plugin, it will do its magic automatically. The plugin adds new block styles to WordPress native blocks in editor (Gutenberg).

With block styles you can change block appearance with one click. Simply choose your preferred style from block options in sidebar on page/post edit screen and you are done.

Video tutorial about how to use block styles.

Are there any plugin options?

Yes, you can set several of plugin’s style properties on Settings → Abs screen.

How to change shadow intensity?

You can set shadow properties in Settings → Abs → Shadows screen section.

How to change overlap size?

You can set overlap size in Settings → Abs → Overlapping screen section.

Are there any custom blocks?

No. This plugin only registers new block styles, which means it only provides CSS code to style blocks differently. There is no custom block included in this plugin.

Are there any custom enhancements to blocks?

No. Just new block styles.

What styles are being added to what blocks?

Here is a list of block styles and blocks they apply on:

  • Accessibly hidden – Heading, Site Title and Site Tagline block
  • Caption below – Gallery block
  • Curved/Curved top/Curved bottom – Group block
  • Double-line – Separator block
  • Drop shadow – Columns, Column, Cover, Group, Image, Media & Text block
  • Gradient – Media & Text block
  • Hide on tablet – Column block
  • Inline – Categories and List block
  • Inner shadow – Cover block
  • Line separator – Latest Posts and List block
  • Media on top – Media & Text block
  • Modern bubble – Quote block
  • No gaps – Columns, Gallery and Group block
  • No vertical gap – Columns, Column, Cover, Gallery, Group, Heading, Image, Latest Posts, Media & Text and Paragraph block
  • Paint brush/Flower/Oval – Image and Media & Text block
  • Pull up/down/left/right – Columns, Cover, Group, Heading, Image, Media & Text block
  • Single column: align left/right – Column block
  • Stack on tablet – Columns and Media & Text block
  • Wavy – Media & Text block
  • Zigzag – Separator block




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