FotoWare WordPress Lite


The Plugin’s WordPress editor button connector for FotoWare allows users to include images directly from the Fotoweb DAM, into the WordPress platform.

In the current plugin version, only, images are supported and are not imported in the WordPress Library, but stay in the Fotoweb repository.

The plugin relays on FotoWare API to connect it and follows security protocols based on FotoWare data privacy guidelines. FotoWare

For further details and to add FotoWare URL, Client ID, Client Secret from FotoWare Account please review documentation by FotoWare. FotoWare

No coding required.

Compatible with Visual Editor and HTML Editor only.

Required to connect with FotoWare through FotoWare settings.

Required FotoWare URL, Client ID, Client Secret from FotoWare Account.

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Advance Features (Pro Version)

  1. Supports Gutenberg (Popular default editor of WordPress).
  2. Best Compatible with all posts, pages, and custom post types of WordPress.
  3. Compatible with WordPress Multisite Subdomain
  4. Enables multilingual support and is compatible with Popular Plugin “WPML”.

    Please visit Fotoware WordPress Premium to buy.


  • FotoWare settings
  • FotoWare button to add image
  • Upload image to fotowate
  • FotoWare image upload to editor


How can I use this plugin?

  1. The plugin settings will be in the left column, under Settings as a FotoWare SETTINGS option. Review FotoWare to connect it.

  2. A button will be shown in editor of single page/post Add Media from FotoWare button which will fire the selection widget call in Fotoweb.




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1.0.0 * First public release.