1app Business Forms


  • This plugin allows you to accept payment on your website without trouble. You will create forms to bill their clients for your services.
  • Your customer has the opportunity to choose whatever payment option he/she is most comfortable with.
  • The forms are generated by shortcodes which can be placed into pages or posts. The shortcodes are generated with custom posts.


  • The screenshot-1 is the Settings page where you connect to or disconnect from your 1app business account.
  • The screenshot-2 is the Overview page where you see few details about your connected 1app business account and a video on how to setup a payment form.
  • The screenshot-3 is the Forms page where you have all your existing forms and a button to ADD NEW


Is 1app Business Forms supporting only one payment gateway?

No. This plugin gives you access to all payment gateways without integrating them separately. Your customers can choose from various methods available to make their payment.

What do I need to start using 1app Business Forms?

All you need do is signup with 1app business at https://business.1app.online/register-business and download this plugin. Then, start taking payments.


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